School Board Elections

Yeah, they’re important. No, I don’t expect most people at RedState will care much about who’s running for School Board in the Poudre School District in the larger Fort Collins area. It is, however, important to me because I have three kids in school here and a newborn grandson that will probably be going here in a few years.

We are blessed to have a lot of good programs and choices for school here in Colorado. Bob Schaffer worked for years in support of Charter Schools. We now have a good, strong candidate running for School Board that needs our support. His name is Patrick Albright. Patrick wrote an article that was published today in the local newspaper, The Coloradoan. Here’s an excerpt,

We need to hold our students to the highest standards and make certain that those standards are met before students are allowed to progress. Our children must be proficient in their skills if they are going to be problem solvers, innovators, creative thinkers and successfully compete in the global economy.

Patrick understands the importance of preparing our kids to meet the challenges of the 21st Century workplace. He also understands the importance of transparency and accountability.

Transparency in conducting the business of the district is also something I support. Everyone in the community has a stake in our children’s education: Parents, teachers, local businesses and taxpayers. These stakeholders must be able to provide their input and easily see how their tax dollars are spent. Transparency goes far beyond principles of community oversight. It can be a tool to build trust between those underwriting our children’s education and those providing it, so that when the district staff identify needs requiring additional funding, they will gain community support.

School Board elections are every bit as important as State and National elections. I can guarantee you that Bob Bacon and his ilk will be working hard to elect someone that wants to remove choice and transparency from our educational system. We need to make sure we elect good candidates to the Board that will fight for our students, not for a bunch of educators working to protect their goals of the liberal indoctrination of our children.

For those of you in the area, it would be great if you could visit the article at the Coloradoan and leave a comment [registration required]. And if you aren’t in the area, leave a comment anyway. Local elections are important, and we can increase our voice by supporting each other in this way.

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