Colorado's Political Temperature

Colorado bloggers Ben Degrow of Mount Virtus and Michael Sandoval (a.k.a. El Presidente) of Slapstick Politics have completed their second survey to measure the Colorado’s Political Temperature.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • The biggest winner, making significant gains in both support and perceived strength since our July survey, is gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry
  • The larger shifting field of the U.S. Senate race gives a less clear picture, with Ryan Frazier edging out Ken Buck for most support, and Jane Norton beating Frazier by a similarly narrow margin for perceived strength
  • The heavily Right-leaning crowd definitely shows more respect for Andrew Romanoff as a Democratic rival in the race than for appointed incumbent Michael Bennet
  • Among the other races, treasurer candidate J.J. Ament made the biggest gains, while Scott Gessler (Secretary of State) and Cory Gardner (4th Congressional) widened their respective leads
  • Demographically speaking, the group of participants in this poll was slightly more Republican, older, female, married, educated and non-white than the July sample
  • Overall, those surveyed are more confident that Democrat policies in Washington will harm elected Democrats’ chances in the 2010 election, and believe that Bennet, Bill Ritter, and Betsy Markey are more vulnerable than two months ago.

Details can be found here. A more detailed analysis of the survey will be forthcoming later this week.

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