Student Response to Obama's Education Speech

My daughter decided to skip President Obama’s address to students in school today, as expected. She got up to leave just before the speech was to start, and her classmates asked her where she was going. She told them that she had no interest in hearing the speech, and was going to The Commons where students were told to go if they weren’t staying in class to hear the speech.

Later, in the halls she saw a few of her friends, and they made the following comments.

Obama is an idiot.
Obama is a ****ing idiot.
Obama is a moron.
I hate Obama.

Now you’re thinking (and so was I) that these things were uttered by her conservative friends. But that wasn’t the case. These statements were made by her very liberal friends who fervently supported Obama during the election.

I mean, a poll of likely voters at Rasmussen or even adults elsewhere is one thing, but seriously, if you can’t keep the liberal high school vote, you’ve got some serious issues with your base…

…just sayin’