Our Current Health Care System is Unconstitutional

Derec at Live Free Colorado has the story.

At an Obama care rally that passed through Denver on Aug. 28th at North High School, Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D, CO-7) asked the audience, with their ocean of pre-printed Health Care Now signs, if they’d heard of the 14th Amendment. From the article by Derec,

Yep, according to Ed Perlmutter, the 14th Amendment gives equal protection and people denied care and coverage don’t have equal access to health care so the existing system must be unconstitutional. I’m not sure if he was also going to expand that to include housing, food, and clothing. On that note, this guy down the street got a bigger loan for a BMW so I should also get one since the Constitution guarantees equal protection.

I’ve finally figured out how these guys can take an oath to defend the Constitution. They have absolutely no clue what it says, or more importantly means. They will stop at nothing, including flat out lies and misrepresentations to defend their government takeover.

So far, Brian T. Campbell is the only Republican candidate running for this seat. Ed Perlmutter’s popularity here continues to defy all logic and reason in a district that really should be a toss-up. This was Bob Beauprez’s seat before he left it.

Night Twister