Colorado Political Fundraising Report - Q2

Face The State has the details, but I’ll give a quick summary here:

CO Governor
Bill Ritter (D, inc): $409,130
Dan Maes (R): $5,000
Scott McInnis (R) and Josh Penry (R) just entered the race.

CO Senate
Michael Bennet (D, inc): $1.2 million
Ken Buck (R): $330,000
Ryan Frazier (R): $140,000
Cleve Tidwell (R): $0
Luke Korkowski, Tom Wiens, Bob Beauprez are possible entries in this race in the future.

CO-4 House
Betsy Markey (D, inc): $242,000
Cory Gardner (R): $203,000 (7 weeks)
Draft Diggs Brown (PAC-R): $23,000
Tom Lucero (R): <$50,000

Political consultant Katy Atkinson said it is likely many potential GOP donors are waiting to contribute until they see who can raise the most money in the first few quarters of their campaign. Atkinson adds that so long as a candidate was able raise above $100,000 in the last reporting period, he still has a shot at being competitive.

Other state races are also mentioned on the FTS article.