Help Us Roast The Pig! [Updated]

UPDATE: Join Joshua Sharf, myself, and others from noon to 1pm MST for a Pork Roast Special Blogtalk Radio show outside the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver.

Tomorrow, February 17, 2009, President Obama will be at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, CO to sign into law the largest spending bill in our nation’s history. The stated reason for signing the bill here is to highlight the green technology of the museum and the growing Green Industry in our State.

The event itself is by invitation only, but there are a number of groups that have announced they will be at west steps of the Capitol building to protest against the signing of this bill. Originally, the protest was going to be at the park across the street from the Museum, but it was too difficult to obtain a permit on such short notice. Some big names have also confirmed they will be there including former Congressman Bob Beauprez and Michelle Malkin. A roasted pig has been ordered to celebrate the event.

Michael Sandoval at Slapstick Politics enumerates the real reasons why Obama is coming to Denver to sign the bill. Michael is also a contributor at the People’s Press Collective, which was originally created as an association of new media reporters that covered the news at the Democrat National Convention held in Denver last year. They covered the news that they knew the mainstream media would avoid. The Collective includes the best of center-right bloggers from Colorado.

The Collective will be out in force tomorrow to cover the events at the Capitol. For the latest and best coverage follow the updates at the People’s Press Collective. There’s also information at the You Don’t Know Stimulus site. Ben Degrow, also a contributor at PPC and member of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs 2.0, is employed by Colorado’s premier think tank, the Independence Institute. He will be joining us as well as others from the Institute. UPDATE: This just in from Jon Caldera at the Independence Intitute.

$30,000 a Plate Pork Roast!

WHAT: Individuals will sign their names to 4-foot wide checks, made out to the federal government in the amount of $30-thousand dollars.
WHERE: WEST STEPS of the State Capitol.
WHO: A coalition of concerned groups and citizens, including:
Jon Caldara of Colorado’s Independence Institute,
U.S. Representative Mike Coffman,
Michelle Malkin, nationally-known writer, blogger, and columnist,
Former U.S. Congressman Bob Beauprez,
numerous other Colorado legislators and dignitaries.
WHY: To voice opposition to a government measure that spends more in one bill than has been spent in the entire conflict in Iraq.

You can follow me on Twitter for real-time updates. The day after the event I’ll be posting information at DontGo Movement’s Colorado News Platoon.

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