Cherokee Trail H.S. Student Owns Up, Talks to State Legislature

As reported yesterday by Warner Todd Huston at RedState, Cherokee High School senior Marie Marrow was suspended for having Young Marines drill team practice rifles in the back of her SUV on school grounds, which have been used there for the past six months.

In an article at the Rocky Mountain News, not only accepts responsibility for what happened, but also went to Denver to talk to the Legislature about getting the ridiculous zero tolerance law changed to grant exceptions for military drills and eliminate zero thought when it comes to enforcing these kinds of laws.

The RMN article is titled, Senior learns a lesson in props, but I really think Miss Morrow has taught us a lesson with how she handled the situation, and is the reason why she is a leader at her school and in her community.

Good community citizens aren’t anarchists. When we find poorly written laws, we elevate awareness, and work to change those laws. What we don’t do is ignore the law or complain that it’s unfair. Miss Morrow has done it the right way, by first taking responsibility for her actions.

I understand the way the school reacted; I know it was my fault.

Then she went on to talk about doing something about it,

We’re trying to change the statute in the law and make a difference.

Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud) of Northern Colorado’s 15th district had this to say about the law,

There should be exemptions to this hard and fast rule so this type of thing doesn’t happen again. I am outraged that a student faces expulsion for participating in a drill team.

Yesterday, Sen. Lundberg was considering introducing legislation to add an exemption for drill teams.

I just want to put some common-sense language into the statute where school districts don’t have their hands tied when everyone agrees it should have some flexibility. Zero tolerance shouldn’t mean zero thought. [emphasis added]

Tonight, beginning at 8:30pm MST, the members of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs, 2.0 will be discussing this situation during the Big Story segment at Blogtalk Radio. Joining us will be Rep. Cory Gardner, House Minority Whip, and Colorado state GOP vice-chair candidate Leondray Gholston. More information on the show can be found at Mount Virtus, and Slapstick Politics.

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