Anti-Terror Rally to Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense

Promoted by Jeff. This is a great opportunity to engage in local activism. Another is this protest in the Bay Area, which is being planned apposite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’ coming visit. -JE

On December 27, 2008, Israel began defensive attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been attacking Israel with multiple daily rockets sent into their cities, even though both sides had previously agreed to a ceasefire. Israel decided this was the only way they could get Hamas to stop. The air defensive which is directed at cutting off their underground supply routes for arms was followed on January 3, 2009 with a ground attack to root out the source of the missile attacks.

Israel’s efforts have been successful in reducing the number of rocket attacks from Gaza, but they have not completely eliminated them. Unfortunately, the press continues to call Isreal’s efforts an offensive. We’ve become so accustomed to biased reporting from the mainstream media, that we don’t always recognize it right away. Let’s be clear; Israel patiently endured years of attacks against civilians in their cities. Eventually, a defensive response of self defense is required. A government that can not or will not protect its citizens does not deserve to exist.

World opinion, as is usually the case when it involves the Middle East, is against Israel’s right to self defense. Claims of genocide and intentionally killing civilians are being made, even though clear evidence exists that Hamas is using civilians as human shields. Israel has also been sending warnings to people in areas that are about to be attacked, allowing them time to get out of the area.

Last week, I attended a rally at the Hebrew Education Alliance in Denver, CO. Joshua Sharf from View From A Height captured some pictures and video. You can see his blog on the evening here. There were a few dozen protesters at the event, who were greatly outnumbered by hundreds of supporters.

Yesterday in Denver, an anti-Israel rally was held by 200-300 protesters. El Presidente has pictures and video posted on a blog at the People’s Press Collective. Lowlights include shouts of “Free, free Palestine! Down, down Israel!” and “Takbir! Allahu Akbar!”.

Today, at 2:00pm at the State Capitol building in Denver, an Anti-Terror Rally Planned to Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense. Americans Against Terrorism spokesperson Neil Dobro said in a statement:

If you would fight an enemy who launched rockets loaded with shrapnel into your home and at your children, you should join us on Sunday. It is amazing to see people in the streets of Europe, and even the U.S., supporting a terror group that has vowed to destroy Israel simply because it is populated by Jews. We hope that our rally will serve as a wake up call to Americans: terror must be fought and destroyed. The Palestinian people have suffered hardships, and now a devastating war as a result of the hateful actions of Hamas. Some Gazans didn’t vote or back their rise to power; but now they too are paying for the choices made by Hamas leaders. Israelis live with the constant effort of these Iranian trained terror fighters who have taken vows to kill them. Hamas won’t stop, so they must be stopped.

Thousands are expected to attend, including myself. I’ll have a write-up of the event later today or tomorrow, but for those who would like to follow, several of us from the Rocky Mountain Alliance will be sending real-time updates from the event using Twitter. You can follow the updates as they’re submitted at this website. We’re using the twitter tag #aatcolo. If you’re in Colorado and can attend, I hope to see you there.

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