Boulder Liberals Against Choice

Education Choice, that is.

The State of Colorado released the School Accountability Report this week. Four of the top five high schools are charter schools, including Fort Collins’ Ridgeview Classical School which came in at number three with a score of 2.33. Eight of the top ten middle schools were also charter schools, including Liberty Common School in Fort Collins.

Both of these schools have long waiting lists because of their popularity and consistent success. Now I know what you’re asking, “What does this have to do with Boulder Liberals?” I’m glad you asked.

The Colorado Legislature passed the Charter School Act in 2004 due to the increasing demand for charter schools in the State. Three school districts immediately challenged the law in in the court system, Adams County School District 50, Poudre School District, and the Boulder Valley School District. All three complaints were denied in 2006. Only one of the districts decided to appeal the decision, and that was the BVSD. In a Face the State article, we’re told,

The Boulder Valley School District has consistently tried to tear down the law by challenging its constitutionality. The district says the law takes away its constitutional right to govern schools operating within its boundaries. Provisions in the state constitution allow school districts local control on education policy.

The interesting thing about this is, there are no state-controlled charter schools in the BVSD district area. Solicitor General Dan Domenico argued that Boulder has no real grounds to challenge the law since its funding isn’t affected by state-run charter schools and has sole chartering authority within its district.

It’s a shame that Boulder, which isn’t affected by these schools at all, would use its scarce resources, and force the State to expend its, on lengthy litigation seeking to shut down those students’ schools.

The BVSD continues to fight a battle against choice, even though it has absolutely no effect on them. They not only want to take choice away from their own area, they want to make sure no one else has it either. Not only that, they intend to shut down the top secondary schools in the State.

Perhaps their money would be better spent improving the level of education within their borders, rather than worrying about what’s going on outside them. It would seem that once again, liberals seem to be in favor of choice, but only when someone is willing to choose what they want.

Night Twister