Heroes at Home

I’ve always been a big fan of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. My first career was in the field of architecture, so I was a construction geek before I became a computer geek. The show has featured more than one military family, and Sears has been a big part of that. This year, Sears is collecting money to distribute to military families for Christmas (in the form of gift cards). The effort is called Heroes at Home Wish Registry. Each member of the military that registered wrote a story to go with their request. I’ve chosen one to share from my home state of Colorado.

My unit has been deployed for awhile. This is my 3rd deployment. My wife and I were both active duty but conflicting deployments took us both away from our kids so she decided to get out and be a full time Mom. While she was out processing we had a house fire and lost EVERYTHING. We were heartbroken and lost. Shortly after that I got orders to deploy. Our Son was only 2 weeks old, and 6 weeks later he had to have major surgery. My wife was awesome. She nursed a sick infant while she juggled several older kids, a new town, and no friends- basically as a single parent. I would love to be able to get them something great this year since it’s my second Christmas in a row that I’ll miss. If not for my family and their strength, love and support I couldn’t be here doing what we have to do everyday. Thank you Baby! I love you!

I know there are other great organizations that are supporting our troops. This is another way we can say thank you to those that are deployed abroad ensuring our safety and freedom here at home. Not only do our soldiers sacrifice a lot, but so do the families back at home. This is just another way we can give something back to them.

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