Government Creates Panel, Panel Recommends Tax Increase, Government Calls it a Jobs Program

Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter’s Transportation Panel‘s study results in a recommendation to increase fees for everything from vehicle registration to rental cars, license plates and emissions.

Priscilla Arvallo of Denver sees it differently,

I think we pay too many taxes the way it is. I know there’s a big need right now. But, financially, I’m barely getting by as it is.

But those of us that don’t want to pay more taxes have it all wrong. Doug Aden, co-chair of the transportation panel says we just need to recognize it’s a jobs program,

There are a number of studies that have been done that show that for every $1 billion invested in infrastructure, you create over 40,000 jobs.

And where does that $1 billion come from? The Colorado taxpayer, of course. Just how many jobs are eliminated by raising taxes by $1 billion? Coloradans,