A Proposal to Improve RedState "Stateability"

As a follow on to Time To Get Local, I wanted to make a proposal to improve the “State” functionality of RedState. I believe my statements that I can’t promote state issues here wasn’t true, if a few improvements could be made. Since the powers that be at RedState seem to be in the mood to improve the site, I’d like to suggest the following:

1. Highlight one State each week at RS. Something like Sesame Street’s “Today’s show is brought to you by the letter -R-“. This will help folks from that State get together and show what’s going on there. It will keep a focus on State Issues for over a year (you know….there being 57 States and only 52 weeks in a year).

  1. Rotate the States listed in the “Get Local” widget. I’m aware that the 4 states there were listed because they were Waterloo battleground states, but that time has come and gone. The four States listed should be the current week’s State and the previous three.

  2. Create a system so people from the same state can easily connect. Maybe something we could click on that would go to a list of RS members from the same State (opt-in list, of course). I’d suggest an opt-in email list to contact everyone, that would probably be too easy to spam.

  3. Promote good diaries to the Front Page about State happenings on a regular basis, especially in the highlight State. You know, I like to sing in the shower, but few others get to also enjoy the experience. Writing a diary about an important State issue and only getting a couple of comments can discourage the practice.

I’m sure others here will have a lot of other good ideas. Let’s work together to turn RedState into RedStates.

Night Twister