NY Times Sees Voter Registration Illegalities

Ian Urbina of the New York Times reports today on eligible voters being removed from voter registration rolls in several Swing States.

The Times, who has been unable to find anything newsworthy in the almost daily revelations about ACORN fraudulent voter registration activities has once again come to the aid of the Obama campaign by reporting about the difficulty some States are having trying to comply with the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

The six swing states seem to be in violation of federal law in two ways. Michigan and Colorado are removing voters from the rolls within 90 days of a federal election, which is not allowed except when voters die, notify the authorities that they have moved out of state, or have been declared unfit to vote.

As if that wasn’t enough,

Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio seem to be improperly using Social Security data to verify registration applications for new voters.

The problem goes beyond swing states too,

Alabama and Georgia seem to be improperly using Social Security information to screen registration applications from new voters. And Louisiana appears to have removed thousands of voters after the federal deadline for taking such action.

Is it now apparent why ACORN waited until 90 days before the election to make its greatest voter registration push. Since federal law prevents them from being removed, even when they’re obviously fraudulent, they felt they could sneak them in under the radar.

That doesn’t mean the States should be removing these names when federal law prohibits it, but it does mean it’s about time we looked into some serious voter reform.

The NY Times once again shows its bias for the Obama campaign, and thereby its complete irrelevance among serious news agencies. They see a voter registration issue that will hurt the Democrats but are completely blind to a newsworthy issue that will obviously hurt the Republicans.

The Ohio secretary of state, Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, said in court papers that she believes the Republicans are seeking grounds to challenge voters and get them removed from the rolls.

Funny how she’s so worried about this possibility of voter registration irregularities, but can’t see any problems at all with same-day voting.

Oh, and remind me again which candidate for President has a history of challenging voter registrations to eliminate the competition? Yeah, it was Barack Obama.

Night Twister