Disdain, thy name is Democrat

UPDATE: See 29Victor’s blog for another take on this important story. His was up early this morning, but I missed it before I posted mine.

How often we are reminded that it is those in the Democrat Party that care about women, minorities, and children, and those of us in the Republican Party are intolerant, bigoted, chauvinistic, child-haters. Those of us that have been around for a few years know that the Democrats have worked hard in concert with the media to paint this picture, and to a large degree have been successful. Fortunately for us, every so often the mask slips and we see what they really think.

The Rocky Mountain Right blog has picked up a story from Face The State about a behind-the-scenes effort to increase liberal influence in the state via an organization known as the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA). A series of memos has been slowly leaked to Face The State (the site is intermittently down due to traffic) showing the involvement of the highest levels of Colorado Government.An internal confidential memo from the CoDA strategy group shows just what these high-level democrats in Colorado think of the very people they insist they care about.

Minimum Wage: wedge issue management – increasing CO union power: “Educate the Idiots” campaign,Target: minorities, GED’s, drop-outs…..

They are of course making it known that this is their strategy, right? Well, not exactly. Apparently, for the CoDA, their main focus right now is their:


The internal memo says this is already ACTIVATED.

You’ll find other interesting things in the memo such as legal maneuvering and distraction lawsuits.

There is no honor, no dignity, no ethics left in government among Democrats. The end always justifies the means. Their policies are a complete failure, and they loathe the very people they say they represent. Dick Wadhams, Chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee responds correctly:

It is incredible that the state’s top-level Democrats hold everyday Coloradans in such a low regard that they feel it appropriate to refer to them as idiots in their internal documents. These are the people who work hard everyday to put food on the table; they do not deserve to be referred to as idiots by those who wish to exploit them for their votes.One has to wonder why the people on the list thought this was ok. This type of behavior is acceptable from no one, let alone so many who now hold leadership positions in our state government. The right thing for them to do is apologize at once, and return all tainted campaign donations they may have received.

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