Night Twister's Son Handicaps the Debate

During the primaries, some of you will remember that after Fred Thompson dropped out of the race, my My 17-year-old son and I got together to research and choose one of the remaining candidates to whom we would give our support. For those of you that would like to read it, you can find it here.

While he was watching the debate last night, my son told me he was going to write up a bulletin on his MySpace page with his observations. The words here are completely his. The only changes I made were formatting.


Barack Obama. About a month ago this name might have actually scared me, because I truly believed that this man could win the election. But after hearing this man’s economic plan, he, to me, is a laughing stock. Barack Obama says that his tax plan will reach 95% of Americans, but I find it very interesting how this is possible when only 62% of American citizens pay federal taxes. Meaning, that with Obama’s statistics, there is a 38% amount of people that are unaccounted for. Your plan sounds nice on paper Obama, but when you break it down it’s just as soluble as the paper it’s written on.

The presidential debate was everything I could have ever hoped for. John McCain literally laughed at Barack the entire time while putting down every single accusation Barack could throw at him. He went on further to use factual information that yes, Barack tried to dispute, telling the American people the truth about Barack Obama. That Barack Obama has voted to tax people under his beloved 250,000 dollar a year salary limit.

My personal favorite moment of John McCain’s was how he shot down Barack Obama’s business tax accusation. Barack started off saying John McCain wanted to lower taxes on big businesses; and saying that he himself wanted to raise big business taxes to lower taxes on the middle class, and invest in companies that are here in America. Sounds good right? Wrong. John McCain comes back saying,

If you’ll notice, we have the second highest tax rates in the world on businesses; it’s 32%. Ireland’s is 11%. I want to lower taxes on big businesses so they’ll stay here and not ship much needed jobs overseas.

I can only think of one word that can suffice to this quote, I believe it’s Jon Stewart’s favorite saying, BOOM! Obama was just flabbergasted after this, stuttering, looking for words that couldn’t come to him, and almost bringing me to a laughter induced seizure.

I’d also like to point out that at the end of his speech Barack again uses President George W. Bush as a face for the destruction of the economy. I don’t know how many times a 17 year old kid is gonna have to tell him this, but the congress, not the President controls the economy. Notice that when George W. Bush was in office with a Republican congress, our economy was growing? But then, what happens when everyone turns turbo-democrat and elects a democratic congress? Well, look at our economy :).


Now John McCain is a strong believer that we are winning the war on terror in Iraq. He made this a highlight of his speech on war, but he also put in that he does agree that the strategy needs to be changed and that he himself will change it, unlike Obama who would never admit to doing anything wrong. Barack starts off his speech by saying,

I voted against going into Iraq when it was politically unsafe to do so.

Yea, cuz everyone was for it right? When was it ever politically unsafe to vote against the Iraq war? He continues to use statistics on American deaths and casualties, not the comparison between the two however. Considering that over 16,000 U.S. soldiers died in Vietnam in just one year (1968), while 4,110 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq in the five years as of September 25th, 2008. Violence is down and AQI is on the run. It sounds like we’re winning to me. Maybe Barack should have spent a little more time concentrating on the fact that those facts are so much in our favor, instead of telling us how many of our guys have died.

Barack was against the surge, correct? He had a plan to bring troops out of Iraq the spring before the surge ever began. The surge was successful. His military experience, zero, is shown by this. Barack further went on to say that,

We haven’t eliminated those safe havens like Pakistan.

Again, his military experience shows. Apparently, if there was a group of people that needed to be killed, surrounded by people that wanted to kill him, he would just jump right in the middle and fight his way out. Sorry Barack, it doesn’t work like that. If you’re going to attack a huge safe haven like Pakistan, you better be damn sure that all the surrounding countries which have the same extremist crazies that want America dead inside it are taken care of first. The other reason is, Pakistan has nukes, and we don’t know at what point they’d be willing to use them.

“I don’t know how credible that is”. That’s Barack’s defense to most of John McCain’s factual information.

John McCain’s plan on beating Iran:

A league of democracies with large global economic power to suffocate Iran into an economic defeat.

Barack Obama’s plan to beating Iran:

Obviously our policy over the last few years has not worked.

Um, what?

Foreign Policy

I’d first of all like to point out that Barack Obama’s first comment on this was,

Russia is not a democracy.

Russia is most definitely a democracy. Former President, yes President, Vladimir Putin has diluted many of the things that make up a democracy, but Russia is now globally known as a democracy. I thought Sarah Palin was supposed to be the amateur on this subject. Barack then says,

Some of Russia’s nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

Oh, here come the conspiracy theories! I find it very cool that John McCain knows all of these countries names, along with their leaders. While all Barack knows is Achmadenijad. Honestly, since Barack Obama is good at talking and talking only, I thought it would debate would be the exact opposite.

“Foresight and Anticipation” are Barack Obama’s main two points on controlling Russia. Not action, not prevention, not intimidation. No, we shouldn’t make sure that these kinds of things, such as the invasion of Georgia, don’t happen. We should anticipate them coming and watch them happen.

Side Note

At the end of the debate John McCain man-handled Barack Obama verbally with accusations that he couldn’t disprove, facts about his own political career that Barack couldn’t dispute, and all-the-while staying calm, cool, and collected; just as a President should.