Ever Wonder How Most Criminals Are Caught?

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H/T to Mount Virtus for the link.

MT Pundit has the story about Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer who was caught bragging about election abuses involving the election of Senator John Tester during a speech to the Trial Lawyers Convention.

So I called up the courthouse in Silver-Bow and I talked to the clerk and you could image, Governor’s on the phone, the whole world’s waitin’ for your votes to come in…so she gets to the phone, she’s outta breath, she sound nervous as a pregnant nun *laughter* and she starts sayin’ “Brian, we’re gonna have this in. I need 15 minutes.” I said “No, no, don’t’ worry about it, don’t’ worry about it. I’ll tell you what, I’ll call you back when you’re done.” And she say’s “no, I’m sure we can be done in the next 15 minutes.” And I said, “I want you to listen, I want you to listen close. I’ll. Call. You. When you’re done countin’! Now do you understand it?”*laughter* And she’s from Butte, she understood exactly.

Apparently, the actual count of votes wasn’t important to the Governor. Later in the speech he says,

So when ever any body says “you think it’s tied, we gotta do a recount, we got this we got that” We were sunk, we were gonna have another Florida or some other 3rd World Country *laughter* So, waited, waited and we released it right at a quarter to 8 and then I called the Associated Press and he’s up by 21, 22 hundred votes, I called the Assocated Press and I said, “All right, it’s time for you to call the race, I’ve done the math, everything’s in, there’s nothin’ else to count.

Throw in a little pressure from the Governor,

And I said to ‘em “Look, let me tell ya somethin’, if you’re not willing to do your job, I’ll do it for ya. I just called a press conference and you’re invited at 10 o’clock this morning and I’m gonna stand next to the next United States Senator and I’m gonna introduce him to the world cuz you’re not doin’ your job.”

because heaven forbid anyone think the Associated Press isn’t doing their job. Being the good lapdog of the Democrat Party (and not wanting be scooped) that they are, they responded accordingly.

“Alright” So, we called a press conference. We had tv cameras there, we had all the press there and at 2 minutes, 2 minutes before the press conference everybody’s blackberry started buzzing…the Associated Press in MT has just called the race for John Tester.

You can read the entire transcript here, and there’s an audio link there also if you want to hear it with your own ears.

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