Invoking the Emergency Hinz Rule

HUGE H/T to bs. It’s his ENOUGH!!! blog that really started this whole idea.

H/T to rstreu for much of the idea in this blog.

PLEASE do not recommend this blog. Let’s just get down to business.

We’re in the midst of the Perfect Storm. While just about everyone with a blamstick is busy in St. Paul covering the Republican Convention, we’ve been inundated with mobies, trolls, and other low-on-the-food-chain individuals.

Most of the comments you can see in the Recent Comments section are attempts to smackdown the verbal terrorists in our midst. With the performance problems and limited resources available, they aren’t going away anytime soon.

My suggestion is what I call The Emergency Hinz Rule”™”, and that is, we completely ignore them. No response, no engagement, it’s like they aren’t even there (which most would agree that mentally they are not). For those of you that are or have been parents of a young toddler, you simply leave them there screaming, kicking and generally throwing a fit on the floor by themselves.

Now, I know occasionally there will be one that is particularly nasty that needs immediate attention. If you’re the first one there, leave a “clean-up” comment and then to hit the contact form. That will make it easier for those that are around trying to do cleanup to get after the most important ones.

Let’s reclaim our site by ignoring the riff raff and getting down to enjoying our week. We only get one of these every four years, so let’s make the best of it.

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