Colorado Hispanic Leaders Endorse John McCain

H/T to exvigilare.

The Aspen Times reported last week that a dozen Hispanic leaders, including former Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez have endorsed John McCain for President.

Martinez was raised in an orphanage, and had this to say about McCain,

My mother chose to give me life. He’ll preserve our heritage.

Martinez goes on to list what’s important to the estimated 240,000 Hispanics in Colorado:

  1. Abortion
  2. Free Trade
  3. Immitration Reform
  4. Lower Taxes
  5. Less Government Regulation

On free trade, Martinez had this to say,

Businesses have a natural affinity to participate in free trade.

In response, Federico Pena, the former Denver mayor and a co-chair of Obama’s campaign had these things to say about Obama’s positions:

  1. Fair Trade with environment and labor standards.
  2. Improvements in Small Business Administration loan programs.
  3. Eliminating a capital gains tax on high tech businesses.
  4. Ending double payroll taxes.
  5. Crackdown on employers who exploit undocumented workers.
  6. Path to citizenship.

I’d love to see Obama’s details on 2, 3 & 4, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I do especially like #3 though, seeing as I work for a high tech business…

Ray Martinez knows John McCain cares about all Americans. Opportunity is what people want, not handouts.

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