Recreate '68 Schedule Released

H/T to Slapstick Politics

Recreate ’68 has released its Master Schedule of events.

Recreate 68 ScheduleHighlights include (H/T to Moonbattery):

o “Confront the anti-abortionists” at Planned Parenthood
o “Non-violence training”
o “FUNK the WAR-Dance for peace-4 routes”
o “Reclaim The Streets Party”
o “March to Freedom Cage”
o “Shake Your Money Maker (levitate the Mint and shake the money out!)”
o “Everything for Everyone: anti-capitalist march & 6pm meet-up for Fundraiser Disruption”
o “Code Pink Concert”
o “Direct Actions against Polluters and Greenwashers” (This should be fun to watch…)
o “Critical Mass Bike Ride-‘No War, No Warming'”

And who can forget the entertainment?

Cornel West
Cynthia McKinney
Ralph Nader
Public Enema
Petulant Tantrum Against the Machine

I may just take up a six pack of 5 Barrel Pale Ale up to Horsetooth Rock to watch the riots peaceful demonstrations. It’s possible I’ll be able to see it all the way from here.

Night Twister