John McCain Was Very Presidential Today.

John McCain held a press conference today regarding the escalating situation in Georgia. He welcomed the steps that are being taken, but believes more must be done to ensure the security and stability of the nation of Georgia.

He showed great concern for the loss of innocent life. He refused to allow the reporters to get him to respond to attacks from the Obama campaign that he was shooting from the hip.

I know the people of Georgia have enjoyed an unprecedented period of prosperity and freedom. And I know that at this time they’re suffering mightily. So maybe later on in the campaign, let’s have a back-and-forth about who has comments or statements. Now, let’s devote all our energy to helping resolve a situation which is fraught with human tragedy.

Real Leaders care about people, especially those that are suffering at the hands of tyrants. They realize that when people are dying, it’s not a time to try to make political points, but to do everything possible to help stop the loss of life and help those that have already suffered.

Keith Olbermann led tonight’s news with the AP story about McCain’s chief foreign policy advisor. Where’s the outrage over the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost because of Russia’s aggressive takeover of large parts of the sovereign nation of Georgia without a U.N. mandate and a coalition representative of the world?

Also today, a man lost his life due to the cowardly act of a psychotic individual. Someone lost a husband, and children lost a father, yet some cold-hearted people over at dKos and other liberal blog sites, as pointed out by Erick’s blog, chose to make a political statement instead of showing concern for a grieving family.

This is where it matters, folks. The liberals use loss of life for political gain. They talk about peace and tolerance, but just look at the comments that have come out from them today. They’ll inflate death tolls to make points with their fellows. They truly have no regard for human life, unless it helps them to feign outrage at what their opponents are doing.

My heart is heavy today. Real people have died in the past few days. Someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, son and daughter. Freedom is once again being challenged in our world, by tyrants that care only about controlling land, including their natural resources. When it really IS about oil, the liberals fall suddenly silent.

John McCain stood up for these people today. He unequivocally stated that this behavior will not be tolerated from nations that say they want to be a part of the Free World. He in no uncertain terms told the nation of Russia that if they want to continue to become a part of that World, they will go back from where they came and stay there.

Now that’s Presidential.

Night Twister