Colorado Primary Watch [Final Update]

I did my civic duty and went to the polls today to cast my vote in the Primary election for Republicans in my district. In every single race in my district there was only one person running, so the choice was easy. I don’t have any heartburn over anyone running, so I avoided the non-vote protest statements.

There are a couple of close races elsewhere in Colorado. Ben at Mount Virtus predicts that Lamborn will win due to Crank & Rayburn splitting the protest vote, and surprisingly predicts that Wil Armstrong, who was endorsed by yours truly, will pull a last minute upset over Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman.

I have mixed emotions about the Coffman-Armstrong race. Personally, I think Coffman’s political experience would be better suited in the Senate, but I have to say it would be really great to have an Iraq war veteran there for Pelosi to have to look at every time she (and others) spew their lies about the war.

This is one of those win-win primaries that are nice to have. Colorado will lose big though if Coffman is chosen. Democrat Governor Bill Ritter will be able to replace him with a liberal, and there goes the only real oversight we have in Denver over this corrupt administration.

The important candidates in my district are:

U.S. Senate [OPEN] Bob SchafferU.S. House of Representatives (CO-4) [Incumbent] Marilyn MusgraveColorado Senate (14th District) Matt FriesColorado House (53rd District) Donna Gallup

Check out Donna Gallup’s Issues page. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen. There’s no ambiguity whatsoever. I’ll have more on her campaign soon.

I’ll be following the returns throughout the evening and report here if any of the races are called. I’ll post updates at the bottom.

UPDATE 1: They haven’t called it, but it looks like a win for Mike Coffman in CO-6. Updates from 9 News here

CO-5 still has a long way to go, but Lanborn is way ahead and Crank and Rayburn are splitting the rest as expected. Updates here

FINAL UPDATE: I would’ve done more updates but RS3 was in a really funky state last night.

Coffman won by a comfortable margin. We’ll call this the year of the RiNO here in CO. I think Coffman will be a solid, reliable conservative, but I’m just not confident that he’ll stay in the job for any amount of time (based on his previous record). I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him gunning for a Senate seat in 2010. This also takes the only Republican out of the State administration in Denver, so Ritter won’t have anyone breathing over his shoulder now.

Lamborn won, but did not get 50% of the vote. As expected, in a three-man race, the incumbent almost always wins.

One interesting note, State House Representative Douglas Bruce, of the illiterate peasant fame, lost to a newcomer. I’m guessing the Capitol photographers can remove their shin guards now.