Mark Udall's Day Off - The Feature

H/T to El Presidente at Schaffer v Udall

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has put out a feature length (3:21) commercial regarding Mark Udall’s missed vote in the House to keep them in session to address a comprehensive energy bill.

I’ll remind you before others do (yes Moe, I mean you), that these things aren’t free. You can donate to the NRSC here.

The Udall campaign will tell you that he did in fact vote against adjournment on Friday, but our own Soren Dayton shows us that Steny Hoyer provided cover for Udall by insisting on a recorded vote where there had never been one before.

I’m happy to see the Schaffer campaign going strong after Mark Udall to show the people of Colorado that he is in fact a Pelosi/Reid liberal from Boulder and not the moderate that he’s been trying to portray himself. I’m also very happy to see the NRSC get involved here. Colorado politicians this cycle are at a significant disadvantage due to the left pouring millions of dollars into the state in support of liberal candidates in an attempt to turn the state blue.

Add to this the fact that the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that unions can give financial and logistics support to political campaigns, and you’ll begin to understand the uphill battle we face here.

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