Matt Fries for Colorado State Senate (CO-14)

Matt Fries is running as the Republican challenger for the Colorado State Senate seat in District 14 against incumbent Bob Bacon. Fries previously ran for a seat on the Fort Collins City Council where he was narrowly defeated by progressive Lisa Poppaw.

Matt Fries is a grew up in Fort Collins, is a graduate of Fort Collins High School, after which he became the General Manager of the family’s printing business. Matt is married to Suzanne, and together they have 3 children: Rachael, 19; Marshall, 18; and Ethan, 8. Fries will have information on his positions on the issues in the near future.

Fries faces a difficult challenge in this race. Incumbent Bob Bacon defeated popular former Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez, in no small part due to the campaign involvement of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) and its local affiliate the Poudre Education Association (PEA) . Bacon is a former educator and administrator in the Fort Collins area. This support was challenged in the courts, and although the appeals court found that violations did occur, ultimately the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that election laws were not broken.

This means that Fries will be at a distinct disadvantage in both fundraising and volunteer recruitment. It is important that conservatives in the Fort Collins area become involved in this campaign to try to even the playing field as much as possible. As of May, 2008, Bacon and already raised over $20K, while Fries had only raised a little over $3K. Donations to the Fries campaign will be very important going forward for him to be able to gain visibility with the voters.

Fries apparently won’t be getting any help from the local media either. According to local blogger NoCoPolitics.com, The Coloradoan didn’t think it important enough to send anyone to a press conference held by Fries where he was stating his position on a Charter Amendment regarding public-employee unions. Apparently, forcing local state incumbents Bob Bacon(D, CO-14), John Kefalas(D, CO-52) and Randy Fisher(D, CO-53) to take a stand on this important issue wasn’t in the Coloradoan’s agenda.

Matt Fries is a solid businessman that understands the difficulties families and small businesses face in Colorado today, and will go to Denver to fight for us. Bob Bacon only promises more of the same in continuing to support the declining Colorado public school system. Bacon appears to be more interested in promoting sex education in our schools than the 3 R’s.

It’s time for a new direction in Denver, and it begins with electing Matt Fries to the Colorado State Senate, 14th District.

Night Twister