The Barack Obama Campaign Telethon

H/T to Best Destiny

According to the Rocky Mountain News, The Obama campaign is planning to have a massive phone bank during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

The plan for ticket distribution for Barack Obama’s speech at Invesco Field will be announced next week, but those who end up there will be asked to participate in a phone bank for the candidate, officials said today.

Jenny Backus, an Obama campaign consultant, says that they will use the opportunity for training.

We are certainly going to like having a captive audience to do some training on how to communicate, on how to use technology to help our cause.

The article suggests that the calls will be for voter registration and other such causes, but my guess is Michael at Best Destiny knows that’s really going to happen…

Is Obama actually going to say something like “I accept the Democratic Party’s nomination, . . .and if you pledge at the Gold level, I’ll send you–FREE–my new CD, “Barack and Forth: Rappin’ the Classics””

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