Wil Armstrong for Congress (CO-6)

The Republican primary race for U.S. House, District 6 from Colorado is to replace Tom Tancredo who is not running for re-election. There are four candidates running for this seat, two of which are Mike Coffman and Wil Armstrong. This seat is safely in Republican hands, so whoever wins the Primary will be going to Washington. Both Coffman and Armstrong are solid conservatives, which makes supporting one over the other a difficult task.

Mike Coffman is the current Secretary of State for Colorado. This is an extremely important position right now, as he is the only high-level Republican in the current Colorado State administration. Coffman is a Marine Corps veteran who served in the Gulf War, and recently served in Iraq. He also has 10 years of experience in Colorado State government as a House member, Senator, State Treasurer, and now Secretary of State. His stand on the issues is solidly conservative, and would be a great addition to the U.S. House of Representatives. Coffman has the experience necessary to be successful, and would be the only Republican in Congress that has served in Iraq, something we desperately need. Here is Coffman’s first campaign commercial.

Wil Armstrong is an entrepreneur and businessman from Greenwood Village. Armstrong has extensive experience in the technology and banking industries, and has been involved with several volunteer organizations. He is the son of former Congressman and Senator William L. (Bill) Armstrong from Colorado. He is also a solid conservative on the issues. Armstrong’s considerable business experience will be a welcome perspective in Congress. Here is Armstrong’s first campaign commercial.

Both candidates are solid and consistent on the issues most important to me, and either would be a great supporter of Republican and Conservative principles and values in Congress. We certainly won’t go wrong sending either of them to Washington. Yet, there are two reasons why I believe Wil Armstrong is the better choice.

  1. Mike Coffman is needed in Denver right now. Will Governor Bill Ritter playing fast and loose with our taxes and having campaign finance issues, we need a solid Conservative in the State Government to keep a close eye on things. If Coffman doesn’t resign his post before the election, the Governor will be able to appoint his replacement, who will most certainly be another liberal. Several people in the Republican Leadership pleaded with Coffman not to run for this seat, but he decided to run anyway. I would personally have preferred that he wait until 2012 and challenge Ken Salazar for his U.S. Senate seat, or challenge Bill Ritter for Governor in 2010.

  2. Wil Armstrong is the kind of Conservative we need in Congress at this critical time. I had the opportunity to meet Armstrong at the Colorado Republican Convention a couple of months ago. He said something to me that really stood out in my mind that we so desperately need to hear from our Representatives.

If you send me to Congress, I will not bring anything back for you. Too many politicians go to Washington promising to bring money back for their supporters. That means I have to take money from someone else to give it to you, and I don’t think that’s right. If that means I don’t get elected, or don’t get re-elected if you send me this time, I’m ok with that. I’ll just go back to running my three businesses.

What a refreshing perspective from a political candidate. Mike Coffman says he’ll go to Washington and bring money back for Transportation projects. This is the sort of things Armstrong says we need to stop doing, and I agree. Lower our taxes and we’ll take care of our own Transportation needs.

This was not a close race a few months ago, with Coffman leading by almost 30 points, but the most recent polling shows Coffman and Armstrong in a virtual dead heat. This is likely due to a number of significant endorsements going for Armstrong.

Pork-barrel spending by both parties in Congress has gotten out of hand. It’s not just the amount of money that’s being spent, but it’s because they continue to try to hide this spending from the public by secretely attaching it to bills that outrages me. All spending needs a public up or down vote to make sure it’s really needed and not just a payback for political support. Armstrong also strongly opposes Federal Government unfunded mandates.

Mike Coffman would make a great congressman, but these are the reasons why I’m supporting Wil Armstrong as the Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives, 6th Congressional District from the State of Colorado.

Night Twister