The Postmodern Left and the Embrace of Dysfunction

Something happened on the way to the postmodern liberal’s march for tolerance; they completely forgot why they were marching or what they were marching for. Martin Luther King marched for liberty and equal treatment. Everything the left does now- whether one considers abortion, or race relations, or the way to handle terrorism, or marriage, or global warming, or police protection, or 2nd amendment rights, or Israel, or Christianity, or any kind of free speech- has degenerated from cries for ‘tolerance’ into vehement hysterical fascist tantrums.  It seems that the left has completely forgotten its mission, that of tolerance and liberty for all, and has gone the way of ‘If you don’t agree with us- then we will certainly find a way to destroy you’, a mantra Stalin and Mao certainly would have been proud to support.


I remember when the first Chick-Fil-A tantrum happened- over DONATIONS made by the CEO of a company to an organization which supports and lobbies for traditional marriage. Chick-Fil-A nicely served water and sandwiches to those who were too distraught and childish to distinguish between a neutral chicken sandwich and a perfectly logical belief many Americans share those protesters might DISAGREE WITH but which does not require frenzied neurotic behavior in order to voice a contrary point of view perfectly adequately. In fact, since then the ‘gaystapo’ has repeatedly taken or tried to take (thank you Houston!) people’s jobs, livelihoods, businesses, and freedom of speech- just to drive those that disagree out of the discussion completely. It is interesting we have a completely narcissistic and dysfunctional family (Kardashians) as multi-millionaire stars while a woman who only wants to honor G-D in her life in the way she sees fit is sued and has her bakery business destroyed because the gay couple she nicely turned away was so dysfunctional and hysterical they could not pull themselves together enough to order a cake down the street.

The abortion argument too, is a prime target for the ‘new fascism’ of the left which now squelches free speech instead of encouraging it. The absolutely heartless videos showing Planned Parenthood leaders (an organization, by the way, founded by a racist fascist eugenics supporter who actually instructed the Nazis in barbarism) drinking wine while discussing infanticide or scenes of their contractors talking calmly about harvesting fetal brains from still-alive infants (yes it happened) are completely ignored by the abortion-rights side of the argument; meanwhile the lady running on the Democrat side for president says: “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” in order for abortions to be more accessible. More accessible?! Is a pile of 55 million tiny bodies not enough? (I think Hillary’s head injury is showing a bit in this statement, but that is just my opinion.) Is the left telling us now that to  be proper women (excuse Katelyn Jenner who because of her man-parts will never have to consider abortion but is still somehow the country’s celebrated woman of the moment) we have to ramp up the carnage? Do deep seated cultural codes and religious beliefs that teach infanticide at any stage is evil count for anything? Are they not still an instructive part of the argument (especially since most Americans want to see fewer abortions, not more)?

Students trying to study for exams at Dartmouth are abused by racist crybullies in the safe zone of the library and what happens? The leftists in the university administration APOLOGIZE to the bullies and recognize their tantrum. I think most Americans thought every one of those who bullied people in that University library should have been immediately expelled. If they had been pro-life protesters- or pro-Israel protesters- they would have been. Speakers who are not even pro- Israeli but just not anti-Israeli enough are routinely kept from speaking on campuses all over the US. Jewish students are afraid on many campuses, constantly bullied and shouted down; swastikas are not counted as anti-Jewish slurs anymore….they are now taken as insults by Black Lives Matter activists who are also anti -Israel Palestinian grievance shouters. Put that one in your newly purchased Colorado pipe and smoke on it for awhile! The whole idea is ridiculous, but apparently sanity does not play a role in societal discussions anymore. Police being targeted and harassed for a self-defense shooting they were completely cleared of wrongdoing in, is just, well, WRONG. Ferguson NEVER happened the way the protesters wish it had. It was an exploited lie from the very beginning.

We see now companies who stop their donations to the Clinton Foundation (Exxon -Mobil) targeted for conspiracy for not jumping hard enough onto the global warming bandwagon. Scientists who dare to disagree with their ‘walk the line and change the data if necessary’ colleagues are drummed out of their positions and treated as pariahs. Antarctica is growing at a rapid rate, NASA satellites recently proved. The dangerous weather ‘incidents’ have been significantly fewer in number, not more as the frantic hand-wringers in the global warming movement predicted. The drought blamed for the Syrian refugee crisis seems to stop at the border of Israel. Why is that? Speaking of refugees- why is asking a question about vetting somehow now proclaimed by the PRESIDENT as ‘heartless and turning away 3 yr olds and widows’? I will tell you why. He is tone deaf and does not listen to any opinion he disagrees with. (Read Sheryl Atkisson’s latest story about this- http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tom-blumer/2015/11/19/sharyl-attkisson-obama-will-not-read-intelligence-us-recognized)

It is clear to most of us now. The new American left does not want discussion- it wants submission. Perhaps that is why they seem to be at every turn supporting heartless and cruel Muslim Sharia culture against Israeli democracy and American values; because they sympathize most with a culture built on submission to religious fascists. I thought the left’s hysteria was AGAINST religion becoming over-influential in public discussions (at least as concerns abortion, marriage, support for Israel, or defending Christianity, crosses and nativity scenes)?!  No – I think Christianity is not quite bullying enough nowadays for them. They have to support the REAL fascists in the world in order to defend their own dangerous growth into intolerance. Let us hope that the majority in America learns to speak out more loudly soon, or the dysfunctional fanatical hysteria seekers will rule our streets and cities. If nonsensical adult tantrums become the rule rather than the exception, then we might as well just make big padded rooms and use the ‘time out’ method for the wanna be tyrants. We will eventually have to let them cry it out alone if the rest of us have a desire to live our lives in freedom, liberty, and peace. Those of us who expect adult discussions about the complicated issues of the world to take place calmly and sanely between competent adults with mutual respect will have to put a lid on the furious and increasingly violent attempts at bullying by immature attention seekers. Of course, these people know this is the last chance they have to re-create their beloved 1960’s experiment in forcing their stupidity on others. It is sad that they have to go back 56 years to find their center. Rubio is right. It is time to move on- and time for the cry-bullies to grow up.