A Schtick in the Eye

I just got off the restful cruise of Yom Kippur. Stepping off onto the terra firma after the days of fasting from food and water and commanded rest- what do I find but that Pope Francis chose those same days to visit the US? I actually was in shock at this obvious blunder by the Pontiff hailed everywhere as one of the most sensitive ever to hold the office.  I am just asking, “Was that jab to Judaism really needed?”  I am not everyone of course. But to me, the timing of the visit was a schtick (yiddish, y’all) in the eye to all Jews, even those who, like the Pope worship Yeshua as Messiah. (I am Messianic.) The pope lecturing on being always nice to everyone knows full well the bad taste Jews are left with from centuries of persecution by Catholicism. Jewish people remember rightly a terrible history of Catholic atrocities, and they are atrocities which stay with our families forever. Though some apologies have been made- missteps like this one just make all the attempts at reconciliation seem less sincere.

Did Pope Francis really mean to visit on the eve of the Holiest Jewish Day?? His plane touched down on the tarmac just as our fast was beginning. People on the news calling him the ‘Holy Father’ made me cringe and examine the sky for lightening wiping us all away. UGH. The first few minutes of that fawn fest even before the Pontiff’s plane touched down made me happy I did not have to see the news for the next couple of days. I was in synagogue confessing sins to G-D, so I missed the Pope’s calling for us all to be ‘nicer’ to each other.  This Pontiff seems to not  have much experience with capitalism. He sees the world as those from third world dictatorships  generally do- as America with her riches being the enemy of the poor and capitalism being that unseen force which gives that enemy its teeth.  Is this the reason that Catholicism has for most of her history hated Judaism? I mean the first thing Antisemitic governments would generally do in an area is exile (kick out with no possessions) all Jewish residents. Only after this forced exile of Jewish families, these countries began to see their financial world collapsing (Jews went into areas of finance because many other occupations were closed to them).  This happened over and over and over again.

In the nicer, kinder ‘socialism’ recommended to the American government arbiters by the Pope; “illegal immigrants are to be considered Pilgrims” and “Congressional authority sprang from the need to pursue the common good” and ‘all legislative activity is always based on care for the people”.  First of all, the only pilgrims I know of are those who were fleeing the hostility of the inquisition (perhaps that history is not taught in today’s school lessons).  It is also clear that the supreme leader of Catholicism does not understand the American system- for care of the the people is NOT AT ALL the duty of elected leaders. They are to protect our rights and freedoms- not be our caretakers, and ESPECIALLY they are not the deciders and purveyors of what defines ‘common good’.  They are to be the purveyors of the tenets of the Constitution- nothing less and nothing more. The socialist governments which took Torah scrolls and cut them up to make shoe leather decided that practice was ‘for the common good’, as were the forced community farming exercises which caused massive famines.

Francis even shockingly misinterpreted the struggle of Lincoln commenting; “Building a future of freedom requires love of the common good and cooperation in a spirit of subsidiarity and solidarity.” YIKES.  That is the description the Pontiff used to describe the struggle of the president who battled with military force the evil of slavery until the opposition had completely surrendered their arms, even at the cost of the bloodiest war in American history.  Lincoln’s tactics hardly define cooperation.  “Cooperation and Common Good” are both buzz phrases most likely acquired during the Pontiff’s time in the Socialist dictatorships of South America. They are phrases that actually mean- ‘The government is going to take all your wealth and pretend to help the poor while they enrich themselves.’ Also implied;  ‘The government will also persecute all those who stand in the way of this ‘redistribution for the common good’ – especially when those elites who use the term ‘common good’ cannot exactly define it as something that will be the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow’. After all, one would expect from any kind of solid moral truth consistency over time, but as we have seen here in the US- woe to you if your moral compass does not turn 180 degrees fast enough. Even if you voted for a president who said gay marriage was against his Christian beliefs, you should have known that before his term as president was over you would be persecuted and isolated and defriended for holding that same position. All this says to Jews- the moral compass being used is not real, it is not true- for moral truth from G-D does not change over time.

All this to say that I don’t understand at all the media types who scream for ‘separation of church and state’ in the case of a marker for the 10 commandments or a random cross on a veteran memorial someplace, but have a slobbery love fest over every move this pope has made from the time his foot set down on Cuban soil. He is speaking to our Congress out of a religious position and posture. Why are the howls and screams of the secularists not heard in the midst of the fawning? I will tell you why. Because cries for socialism, ‘common good’ (when what defines that common good is decided upon by elites) are the shrill harbingers of the utopian control monster government whose teats of provision all liberals really long to see all the poor of the land grab onto (just not themselves- mind you).  As for me- I long for the laws and decrees of the true G-D of Israel; His moral compass does not change over time.

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