THE QUESTIONS JUST KEEP COMING....Lois Lerner nightmares and the future of Government

Liberals who are losing the majority opinion on Climate Change fear mongering and seeing the real possibility of their millions in dollars of grant-money drying up now desire those who DISAGREE with their conclusions about the environment prosecuted and jailed(!) under the RICO statutes. This comes the same day as news that the Pentagon has ordered our soldiers, dedicated to protecting innocent people from the bad guys, to ignore the screams of child rape victims on their bases because- Afghan culture.

The story this morning in the Washington Free Beacon reminds readers that recently [mc_name name=’Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000802′ ] called for the investigation of those in ‘fossil fuel companies’ who might have colluded to fund research undermining the President’s climate policy positions. In a Washington Post column earlier, Whitehouse suggested “Civil discovery would reveal whether and to what extent the fossil fuel industry has committed fraud” by getting in the way of the President’s all-important climate initiatives.  This is a blood freezing sentence for those who think the climate alarmists lost their objectivity along with their marbles long ago. The phrase ‘civil discovery’ indicates someone seriously thinking of using the courts against those who disagree on policy questions. IRS abuses or Lois Lerner nightmares resurfacing, anyone? Agreeing with the illustrious and intolerant Senator was George Mason University meteorologist Jagadish Shukla, a climate scientist who apparently owes his ‘correct view of climate science’ for millions of dollars in grant money for himself and his wife. Shukla has seconded Whitehouse’s calls for the use of RICO against climate change skeptics in a letter to the President and the Attorney General; calling for the use of racketeering laws to prosecute “corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change.”

Which leads me to the question, “When exactly did the twilight zone engulf the United States of America?(!)” Soldiers are dishonorably discharged now for protecting children where they are stationed from rape, and now we find if one disagrees with a government policy position; threats by those in high positions to prosecute your ‘failure to fall into line properly’ are being publicly discussed as real policy measures! When exactly did pedophilia anywhere become an American government protected outrage? Why would our government be involved in anything like the protection of child rapists, culture issues or no? Is this something like Planned Parenthood having its hand caught in the baby-harvesting cookie jar and liberals are afraid to even say they have watched the evidence before they decided that the PP Murder Inc. operation was completely innocent because…..women’s health care?!…..And the questions over this kind of inconsistency just keep coming. Don’t look for Hillary Clinton to answer them. It strains her campaign to answer the kinds of questions every other candidate is answering.

Why is it that the country is allowing this kind of nonsense? If fossil fuel companies want to fund research on climate change, how is that any different than liberals who make larges wads of dough off of convincing people the planet is doomed because of climate change directing their own research? BOTH sides are biased on the question. Why should there be prosecution threatened against one side and not the other? Are not Climate Change fear peddlers equally guilty of collusion for manipulating data and trying to push an expensive liberal elitist agenda onto people who can barely afford their utility bills now? Americans don’t want expensive Climate Change experiments that might, in the best case scenarios, slow global warming by a few tenths of a degree. PLEASE, global warming doom purveyors, if you want to live your life as if the sun will sear humanity out of existence tomorrow, fine, just please leave average folks out of your plans. You have been caught red handed over and over manipulating data and lying to keep your millions in grant money. Americans, at least, don’t trust you anymore.

There is much more troubling news of this kind on the political radar today – such as why is it acceptable for CAIR to label Ben Carson as unfit for public office because the candidate said he thinks a Muslim candidate (there is not one so the question was a complete hypothetical) would not be suitable for the highest office?  You are unfit for office because you called someone else unfit? It is not as if people like Ben Carson for his knowledge and education on the trivialities of constitutional interpretation. It happens that millions of Americans agree with good ole’ Ben. Yet everyone in the media is piling on out of fear. Liberals are afraid for sure.

They are afraid of an African-American man with proven integrity and competence in the White House.