The Scarlet 'H' for 'Hater'

We have arrived as a nation this election cycle in a liberal never never land of sorts; a world where all but elite liberal purists can expect to be declared guilty of one unforgivable sin or another and a place in political history where the possibility of true atonement for once disagreeing with their disturbing and constantly vacillating world view does not exist. In the new liberal twilight zone- no amount of apology, bowing, or scraping serves to wash away the neon letter H for hater stamped on the foreheads of all those who dare to question any part of the currently accepted elitist world view (emphasis on ‘currently’). The fact that this arbitrary view of blood guilt changes from day to day and is never applied equally (friends who support the right causes are given a pass regardless of behavior) seems to travel along on the stridently confident wings of liberal lips, hypocrisy going by unnoticed.

If one cries foul over Planned Parenthood’s obvious barbarity, one can expect to be attacked as a hater who despises women by those who openly admit to refusing to watch any of the evidence referenced. Carly Fiorina was a victim of this kind of elitist oppression this past week when she very accurately described the activities showcased for the world to see in one of the recent Planned Parenthood sting videos. She had barely finished her take-down of the morbid practices of the ‘women’s health’ advocates funded by millions of tax-payer dollars when she was tarred and feathered by publications which could not fail to notice she did, in fact, tell the truth about the barbarity of the sainted and anointed organization they scream  ‘protects’ the health of all women (unless they are women who have not yet been born, or course).  This obvious exception; that many abortion victims are in fact women snuffed out before their first breath is never noted by the women’s rights purists. Also not noted is the fact that most of Planned Parenthood’s child victims are minorities. Black Lives Matter, if it were really about racial discrimination, would be parked defiantly outside every Planned Parenthood clinic, but they are not anywhere to be seen on those hallowed steps. Why? Millions of minorities have been destroyed by the organization founded by Margaret Sanger’s hateful eugenics based cries for genocide of the poor and non-white, yet the lauded and praised group (valiantly dedicated to the well-being of all women, of course) still destroys more African American children in New York city than are actually born. Still, those who hate the critiques of Planned Parenthood abortion practices the most are the same people who have proudly announced their staunch refusal to watch any of the video evidence even though unedited versions of same are available to everyone.  The Democrat white rich front runner has announced she has not watched the tapes, as has the spokesman for President Obama. What are they afraid of? Why not at least be informed before criticizing those who are discussing the undeniable video evidence as Carly Fiorina did on the GOP debate stage last week? The fear of those who ‘just would rather not know’ is palpable. Better just to fling labels and hope that the world will just take their word for it that the accusers of the number one killer organization on the planet are completely wrong; that it indeed does ‘a lot of good for all women providing untold millions healthcare’ than risk destroying any part of the hitherto accepted false narrative.

There is also a scarlet ‘H’ for hater for anyone who fails to immediately and openly disagree with someone in any audience who dares to call Barack Obama a Muslim.  Such an arrogant second hand hate-monger should just plan on bowing to the wails of objections from those who on another day will enthusiastically nod their heads in agreement with Obama’s own statements about his admiration for Islam. When the President vaunts Islam for its contributions to this country, publicly and overtly celebrates Muslim holy days (while he treats Christian ones as secular observations he only mentions in the most cursory of ways, a pained expression of duty on his face, and usually with no mention of God involved) we are, I guess, supposed to assume that his love of Islam takes second place to his ‘real faith’ he chooses not to talk about or celebrate as often.  The label of Muslim is, to liberals, both disparaged as racist and bigoted while at the same time held up as a compliment to an admired protected class. The difference between the two opposite poled views?  Only the political leanings of one making the statement(s) in question. The assessment of any comment must be measured against the political associations of the person making same. There is no non-bias allowed in political discourse these days. Equitable assessment in judgment of one’s words has gone the way of the horse and buggy.

Do you you support legal immigration, but disagree with handouts of millions of dollars in benefits to immigrants whose advocates reject any kind of calls for immigrant assimilation into American culture as a condition of receiving same? You, my friend, are marked forever as an official hater. How dare you suggest that giving out food-stamps and housing vouchers should generate some kind of good-will from those migrating here! You must be a descendant of the consquistadors or at the very least an unashamed purveyor of evil white privilege.  Your ancestors surely owned slaves. Your Jewish ancestors were exiled here, you say? Well, how stupid of you not to know that Israel is a terrorist apartheid state (whether you are Israeli or not makes absolutely no difference- if you are Jewish you are guilty of appalling racism by blood association). And besides, everyone with a brain knows Netanyahu is a lunatic that could not possibly have the safety and survival of his own people in mind, after all, he tried to stop the policy goals of ‘the One’.

Do you believe destroying the American economy to stave off a few tenths of a degree of global warming is crazy?  A double H for you is appropriate.  You are obviously a criminal worthy of persecution under the RICO statutes.  God help you if you are actually a climate scientist who objects to manipulation of data lauded as ‘science’.  You will not only be labeled- but your livelihood destroyed as well.  In fact- many are calling for you to receive the death penalty as no punishment is too harsh for those killing mother earth.  Forget all the false screams of the last 40 years (my 1970’s high school text books swore to us that another ice age was just around the corner due to the unrestricted use of fossil fuels), forget that none of the past predictions of doom and gloom have panned out as predicted and just accept the climate screamers are right this time ’round.

Do you think it is crazy for black citizens to be forced to live, work, and raise their families in more and more dangerous conditions just so some of the more militant in their communities can achieve some kind of satisfactory rhetorical retribution against the brotherhood of police officers sworn to keep them safe? Are you a radical that believes people setting fire to and destroying their own communities as a way to achieve ‘social justice’ is an act of insanity that accomplishes nothing? Then you must be a hater who surely deserves being marked for death.  What about those who object to Bernie Sanders being lauded openly as a socialist by adoring American throngs who have largely been spared the horrible consequences of world socialist experiments?  We are barely seventy years out from the purges of Stalin, the massacres of Chairman Mao, and the destruction of South American economies by those ever present peddlers of economic equality, after all.  You will be arrogantly told that socialist past destructive failures are due to its gloriously justice oriented tenets not being carried out into practice correctly. A big scarlet ‘H’ for you for sure. What if you are a Christian baker or florist who believes the same thing about gay marriage as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believed and proclaimed publicly just a few years ago?  Don’t expect the liberal elitist clan to remember day before yesterday- you hater. You should have known you would be expected to spin on a dime. Take homosexuality ‘off the sin list’ because we all know that God could not have meant what He said about sexual immorality and we also know in the modern age that if indeed God exists at all, He only wishes people to be happy being themselves. That is the ultimatum from humanity He must expect if He wishes to stay on the heavenly throne. All are supposed to seek full self expression and happiness of soul- except, of course, those conservative Christian types. As for them, if they cannot be incarcerated and taken out of society (the best solution according to liberalism’s elitist thugs); they can at least be silenced and marked so all will be aware of their dangerous hateful nature, and so will be a warning to other would be religious zealots to be appropriately careful to avoid the same fate.

Don’t bother keeping up with what will be on the mark ‘H for Hater’ list tomorrow. Just accept all elitist liberal rantings, best demonstrated in America, anyway, by the modern Democrat party. They will boo God and claim His blessings on their obvious righteous judgments over others for judging.  They will tell you how you must think and how you must apologize, and whether or not said apologies are sufficiently made. Not that apologies can ever be expected to really erase the dreaded scarlet ‘H’. But at least those who peddle in hate mongering never stick to one subject very long. Their constituencies are forgetful, fickle, and demand ever more strident and punishing rhetoric for those who don’t ‘fall into line’.  Heaven help you if, like many Americans this election cycle, you just don’t care about their rantings anymore.  Many of us have decided, what’s the use? Their demands will be completely different tomorrow anyway.

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