So Much for the 'Thump Trump' Debate


I was so disappointed in the CNN debate.  I thought that perhaps after the ‘gotcha’ moments on the Fox debate night there would be a more serious moment where questions about issues might at least come up. Instead- the moderators pretended to be aggravated teachers at a rowdy recess time. “Donny said this about you- what do will you say back to him?”  “Donny doesn’t like your face; are you going to let him get away with that?!”  And so the night went.

It is not that I do not understand it,  I do.  Adults (especially presidential candidates) fighting like children and calling each other names gets ratings. There is also a palpable hatred of Trump and a growing desperation to knock him out of the race- or at least out of the ‘danger zone’ that leaves a possibility he might actually get elected.  It is just so obvious- and the visceral attempts to do any damage to Trump if at all possible (OH MY GOSH- HE SKIPPED THE ‘HERITAGE ACTION FOR AMERICA PRESIDENTIAL FORUM!!!  It of course follows that he is holed up in pure repentance mode pondering demanded apologies from all corners of the electorate…..Right.)  Just ignore that in the latest polls Trump is UP AGAIN. His share of the GOP primary vote is over 30 % at the moment according to the RCP average.

There is something that those who are breathlessly awaiting Trump’s demise could be missing.  No he is not Reagan and his supporters, though they see some similarities, do not want Reagan right now. He was president in a different age (35 years ago) and times and issues have changed.  No, Trump does not have the ‘qualifications’ the current president had when elected as a one term senator who gave some pretty darn good speeches. No, Trump did not bring up Obama being a Muslim- Hillary Clinton did- when she campaigned against him the last time. (I guess she deleted some of her memory along with her emails as now she says such statements are blatantly discriminatory).  I don’t know why suggesting someone might just be a Muslim would be construed as being discriminatory though; I thought we were currently all about embracing Islamic heritage and losing our outrageous American Judeo-Christian heritage superiority and all that? So what if some think Obama acts like he might embrace or at least lean towards supporting Islamic tenets ?  Wouldn’t (given the current political climate) recognizing fondness for all things Islamic in someone be a compliment?  Honestly – it is impossible to keep up with the political correctness rules.

That is why most of us don’t care and don’t even try to keep up with ‘what is on and what is off’ the no-say list.  Keep bumping Trump, media types. Keep acting like this presidential primary season is nothing but a camera on a schoolyard playground on a rainy day with kids flailing each other in the mud or a reality television series where the main judges have already decided who is and who is not ‘qualified for office’. (Forgetting the media decided several years ago that Barack Obama was qualified…so much for considering their input.)  I can tell you what will happen though if those who want to prove Trump is a political carpetbagger with no substance continue on their current path of trying to mud sling at him. Voters will do the same thing as did Obama supporters did when they called him an empty suit with no accomplishments. They will judge the media as biased and a bunch of elitist martini slushers who vehemently dislike the average American voter,  AND…..if  the current tactics continue, will ditch the news media-types as just out of touch and not serious actors- but they will keep Trump.

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