The Sky is Falling! (or: Chicken Little GOP)

I have been following it for weeks -and the cries, wailing, and gnashing of dentures in the hallowed halls of Establishment types of both parties is breaking the political sound barrier at ever higher decibels.  Poor desperate political types. They can’t explain things- and have no clue where to go from here.  How do you stop a phenomenon for which there is no plausible explanation? Barack Obama was at least explainable- post-modern secular America had found their savior, their voice, and the way to political ‘sustainability’.  The rest of the country either didn’t vote because they despised the Establishment of both parties (represented by Hillary and Romney) or were just willing to give a new black secularist with a polished oratory a chance.  Personally, I am of the opinion that Barack Obama’s luxury political cruise to the White House was the beginning of the ‘Trumpian/Sandersonian’ moment America is facing now- and though the current populist celebration still shatters traditional political expectations- it does so in a decidedly more jarring (and to establishment types) off-putting way.

It does no good to say the Trump explosion should not be happening or that his followers are racist, stupid, or worse. Whether his followers now stay with him to the bitter end or not- SOMETHING is happening that will not be stopped by the curses flung by our political betters on high. Those who engage in the bashing of those wearing the red ball caps of the guy with the ‘honest to goodness real’ orange hair are only hurting their own cause. Try as they might- they are not putting any waves in what should be a ‘vulnerable as ice-cream in a Texas summer’ comb-over. Face it Romney and Bush fans- throwing jabs at something you don’t understand because it shouldn’t be happening but IS in fact happening; is stupid.

The Texas trump rally happened just a few miles from me- and I cannot explain it entirely- but I do understand some of it. The following in no way reflects my own opinions- though I do understand something of the current conservative rebellion. I am sure many Red-Staters will be uncomfortable reading the following 10 reasons Trump is surging- but I can tell you the following ARE, in fact heartfelt tenets of many ‘Trumpians’.  The success of the Donald can be somewhat interpreted into Texas-speak as:

1.) There WILL BE NO Bush nomination accepted by the majority of the Grand Ole Party. Noway, nohow.  The times of Dole, McCain, Romney types swallowed with noses held are over. PERIOD.                                                      2.) You liberal types loved Obama as he taught about economic equality though he had never run so much as a lemonade stand? Welcome to ‘we like business, and especially big successful and rich business movement’.  Not really a populistic message when you think about it.                                                                                                                      3.) America wept tears of joy over political correctness’, ‘excuse me please please please for saying the wrong thing’ perfect representative? Welcome to the perfect equal and opposite reaction of same, entitled: ‘We don’t care what the *** words, phrases, history references, or ideas makes you coddled, narcissistic, ‘preachers of acceptability’ types soil your britches.                                                                                                                                                                       4.) Welcome to the militant ‘we don’t have any desire to be Europe’ wing of the party.  Trumpians (in contrast to what is popularly believed about them) DON’T hate immigrants or immigration. They want laws, whatever they are, followed. They don’t want millions upon millions given freebees for coming here illegally. They don’t think 1/3 of Americans on government assistance is a good thing.                                                                                                                  5.) Most don’t think they will ever get the chance to tell McConnell/Boehner what they think of them and their politically traitorous ways. They think Trump will make mincemeat of them.                                                                        6.) This movement in many ways is a political dare. JUST TRY and nominate someone who is an establishment ‘go along to get along’ favorite and well, you’ll see……                                                                                                                        7.) Trump supporters ARE EXCITED THAT OBAMA IS ABOUT TO BE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE! We are all about America becoming the epitome of ‘unObamaness’.                                                                                                              8.) Trump fans believe militant Islamists want to kill all of us and that non-militant Islamists want militant Islamists to kill all of us.                                                                                                                                                                      9.) Trumpians think Obama policies have been a complete and total embarrassment for America.                                10.) Welcome to the age of millions whom Obama himself (and many Democrat mayors) convinced big government does not and cannot ever, work properly.

You can try to tell these people to go away or be quiet- but they will take your admonition as an implication that they need to get a bigger megaphone.



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