More Unions and Companies Win ObamaCare Exemptions

Elizabeth MacDonald reporting for the Fox Business Channel:

The list of companies, insurers and unions winning exemptions from the new health reform legislation has grown to 222, doubling since early November and up from just 30 in the month of October.

Companies and unions that provide health coverage for more than 1.5 million people now don’t have to abide by health reform changes for one year beginning January 1. That includes 34 unions with more than 140,000 members.

Many unions had fought hard for health reform and were dismissive about fears that companies would simply dump their coverage if health reform passed. But they are now demanding to be exempt from the new law.

MacDonald rightly wonders whether it’s fair that companies without sufficient political pull in Washington DC must follow the new health care rules and regulations while their competitors who get waivers do not. It’s not just unfair. It’s outrageous.