Weak Leadership Hampers America's Comeback

Writing for Fox Business, David Asman describes what’s hampering the recovery of the United States today: the perception of American weakness.

European and Asian countries dismiss us as weak and humiliate the president when he goes overseas looking for trade deals and backup for his own failed economic policies. Our dollar looks weak, even though it could be strong if the Fed would stop weakening it by printing more dollars to buy up our debt.

Even the president keeps the myth of our weakness alive by lamenting the weakness of our economy, rather than taking the blame because of his big government economic policies that haven’t worked.

If the president just listened more to businesses, he’d hear what Scoreboard hears from every small business we talk to: that they’d be fine if government just got out of their way.

America is still a strong country, according to Asman. “But the perception of weakness leads to uncertainty about where we stand.”