Obama Going to Call Republicans' "Bluff"

In an interview that was taped with CBS on Friday and will air on the network’s Sunday Morning and The Early Show, President Barack Obama had a warning for Republicans who fret about the deficit but have no proposals to cut it. “I’m going to call them on their bluff,” he announced.

The president said the same thing last month after the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada.

Asked at the time how he can boost confidence in his administration’s ability to cut the deficit in half within three years, considering that Democrats haven’t even managed to introduce a proper budget this year, Obama cited a three year discretionary spending freeze, “a whole host of measures to cut programs that aren’t working,” and PAYGO, which has existed since 1990 and was modified last year in order to allow multibillion dollar stimulus spending.

Last Friday, Obama again promised “a bunch of ideas” for deficit reduction. Wonderful. Again, though, he didn’t volunteer any specifics.

Here’s some ideas: repeal ObamaCare and while you’re at it, abolish Medicare and Medicaid to privatize health care altogether; abolish the Department of Education and get government out of schools; abolish Social Security for anyone, say, everyone under 50 years old and free them from the unchosen responsibility of caring for the elderly; abolish the Department of Energy and the EPA and all the preposterous red tape and regulation that comes with them. And restore sanity to public spending but putting in place a deficit cap at, why, 3 percent perhaps, and save not only the nation from bankruptcy but future generations from financial hardship.

There’s a “bunch of ideas” I doubt this or any future administration for that matter will ever contemplate.