Obama a Marxist? Really, Congressman?

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo had quite the op-ed in The Washington Times last Thursday. President Barack Obama, wrote Tancredo, is “an enemy of our Constitution” and should be impeached.

Just what makes the president such a menace? For one thing, “Obama is determined to see things done his way regardless of obstacles. To Mr Obama, the rule of law is a mere inconvenience to be ignored, overcome or ‘transcended’ through international agreements or ‘norms’.”

The administration’s flat out rejection of two federal court decisions ruling its moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico unconstitution are a case in point but other than that, one would be hard pressed to maintain that the president has truly ignored existing law. The Democrats’ health care agenda and financial reform schemes may well be argued to contradict the limited government philosophy inherent in the Constitution (I, for one, do) but there’s a way to overdo it, Mr Tancredo:

Mr Obama’s paramount goal, as he so memorably put it during his campaign in 2008, is to “fundamentally transform America.” He has not proposed improving America—he is intent on changing its most essential character. The words he has chosen to describe his goals are neither the words nor the motivation of just any liberal Democratic politician. This is the utopian, or rather dystopian, reverie of a dedicated Marxist—a dedicated Marxist who lives in the White House.

If that hasn’t your pants on fire yet, consider this: “Mr Obama is a more serious threat to America than al Qaeda.” Why? Because Obama “can accomplish with the stroke of his pen what bin Laden cannot accomplish with bombs and insurgents.” Is the president conspiring to kill thousands of Americans as well? Tancredo doesn’t say. Rather he compares the President of the United States with the world’s deadliest terrorist and won’t volunteer any evidence in support of this preposterous assertion.

Mr Tancredo, you’re not helping. There are many good arguments to be made against the interventionist, Big Government policies of this administration. America is well underway to becoming a welfare state. Indeed, in many ways, it already is. But Communism hardly lurks around the corner. The president is not a murderer. He is not attempting to destroy the essence of America, even though, to the likes of us, it may seem so on occasion. Pretending otherwise is outright nonsense and it does the people who try to oppose the Obama Administration rationally a great disservice.