Obama's speech: long on rhetoric, short on details. Again

Last night Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention. As has been par for the Obama course, the speech was inspiring and the delivery quite eloquent. Some of the people there were moved to tears and overall hope seemed to spring eternal in Denver CO. Alas, hope is all that those of us who watched the speech hoping for details were left with. Time and again throughout this campaign, Obama’s prepared speeches have been long on promises yet sorely lacking on details. The best and most glaring example of this comes from Obama’s speech last night where he promises to provide affordable healthcare for everyone, protect Social Security without “privatizing” (which is a misleading term since George Bush never sought to privatize Social Security), get us off of our dependency on foreign oil in 10 years (mind you the max a President can serve is 8), solve the global warming crisis and…ready for this…cut taxes for 95% of Americans. And do you know how he plans to accomplish all this? NO? Well neither do I and neither do millions of other Americans who listened to this speech without losing our wits over the promise that is Obama. This coming from a man without any experience whatsoever as an executive, with hardly any national legislative experience (143 working days in the U.S. Senate) and did some work on the state legislative level where the only memorable aspect of his time in the Illinois State Senate was that he voted “present” on the vast majority of the bills that crossed his path. This is the experience that he wishes to put forward for President of the most powerful nation on earth and his campaign has the audacity to criticize and belittle the experience of John McCain’s choice for VP, Governor Sarah Palin. The problem with Obama’s argument is twofold;1) Sarah Palin already has more EXECUTIVE experience than Barack Obama.2) Sarah Palin is not the Republican presidential nominee; John McCain is and JOhn McCain’s experience in government makes Barack Obama look like an infant grasping at his toes in amazement that such things protrude from his feet. While I may disagree with Sen. McCain on a number of things, Sen. McCain is infinitely more experienced, and is ready to lead this nation on day 1. He has proven that he is a man of integrity and possesses the motivation to get the job done, whatever that job may be. The question then that basically we the American electorate are facing this November is this; do we want our nation to be led by someone who has a proven track record in government, a proven track record of integrity and moral conviction, and a proven willingness to sacrifice life and limb for this country in the person of John McCain or do we want an unknown quantity in the seat of power of the world’s last superpower in the person of Barack Obama? The choice is pretty clear to me.