"All Your Honors Are Belong To Obama", Vol. 8,946: St. Louis Edition

Hey, remember that great war that President Barack Obama led and won?  What about that great economy?  Oh, and that bill he got Congress to pass, with those reforms?

Oh, wait, none of that has happened?  Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet?  No, you have to be wrong.  Otherwise, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen would look silly for naming their most major street in his honor!

Back to reality.  St. Louis, after a long struggle, has decided to honor the 44th President-elect by ‘honorarily’ designating the Delmar Loop as Barack Obama Boulevard.  A city that has approximately two or three items in their “Honoring the Presidents” series has decided to give a huge honor to a man who might end up being the worst president in history, other than obviously George W. Bush.

Usually, I say I’m proud to be from Missouri, that I’m proud to be from the Show-Me State, and that’s it.  Thank God that today, though, I can proudly say that St. Louis is not the part of Missouri I’m from, and that where I’m from, if you want me to honor you, you still have to show me.