Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates Mosque at Ground Zero: claims religious freedom

On Friday 8/3/2010, speaking from Governor’s Island, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC, gave his support to the construction of a mosque a mere 600 feet from Ground Zero, stating opponents were trampling on religious freedom.  The diminutive mayor’s comments were in response to the decision of the Landmarks Preservation Commission  who, according to the NY Post, yesterday morning paved the way for the construction of the mosque on Park Place — voting 9-0 not to grant landmark status to the 152-year-old building that is to be demolished for the project.


The Mayor stood at the podium, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, surrounded by a small group of clergy which included several men dressed in religious attire. The scene no doubt, a bit of theater to elicit a positive response to the Mayor’s remarks. Mr. Bloomberg proclaimed, among other things:”I believe that this is an important test of the separation of church and state — as important a test as we may see in our lifetimes — and it is critically important that we get it right,”

The Mayor, once again showed a depth of knowledge and insight, few are actually able to follow.  Mayor Mike has defined “separation of church and state” must also mean that a religious order, any religious order can construct a place of worship anywhere they choose, regardless of the will of the nearby inhabitants. Mr. Bloomberg gave several historical examples of religious discrimination in NYC. The Mayor cited several examples: “ In the mid 1650’s,” when a small jewish settlement was denied a petition to worship by the Dutch government which controlled Manhattan, in 1657 when the Quakers were also denied the right to worship in their own way, and the 1780’s when Catholics were finally able to worship in public and construct a church.

Mayor Bloomberg in his oversimplification of the issues seems to have forgotten a few important points. NYC was attacked on 09/11/2001 by a multi-national Islamic terrorist organization, whose ideology of “radical Islam” is the unifying common denominator that links all of its member perpetrators. They are not a “sovereign nation” in the traditional sense. There is no Al Qeuda Land to invade or conquer. Members come from different countries and ethnicities, but are all joined by the common thread, radical Islam and the use of terror tactics to advance its’ goals.  The victims of 9/11 were overwhelmingly non-muslim, contrary to current urban mythology, hence the World Trade Center was chosen by the Islamic radical terrorists as a target of attack. The eloquent Mayor also left out the explanation linking Jews, Quakers, and Catholics towards any acts of war against either the then ruling Dutch government or the later fledgling United States of America.

The mayor did pose an interesting question. “”Lost in the heat of the debate has been a basic question: Should government attempt to deny private citizens the right to build a house of worship on private property based on their particular religion?

Boiling down the issue to a simple question of property rights and religious freedom is not just an oversimplification, it’s juvenile. No serious person is denying the right of a another to worship in freedom. But that freedom is tempered against “harm” to someone else. The real question is whether a branch of Radical Islam that attacked the United States in NYC in 2001 without provocation, the same Radical Islam that has declared war upon us, is now building a mosque right near the bomb site in a blatant attempt at disrespecting our dead by using our own laws. Laws, these animals regard as inferior and decadent. Laws these Radical Islamists would seek to destroy if given the chance. It should be incumbent upon this organization seeking to build this mosque to assuage the pain and the anger felt by Americans over this issue. They should open their “books” to show where 100 million dollars will be coming from. The opening date for this mosque should not be set as September 11, 2011. Perhaps just because you are a billionaire does not mean you are intelligent.