Obama takes credit where credit is not due.

Today President Obama, never one to hide from sympathetic Media and supporters, announced that he would be drawing down all combat operations in Iraq by the end of this month. He claimed credit for the success of creating the conditions in Iraq to allow the withdrawal of troops from combat operations. Mr. Obama also announced that approximately 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq in support of its fledgling government.  

Mr. Obama, as many have forgotten, was against “the surge” in Iraq, which has created the conditions to allow for this current drawdown of combat troops and the overall success of the war in Iraq.  In September of 2007, candidate Obama, adamantly opposed to the war in Iraq, demanded that all U.S. troops be removed immediately. In fact Obama followed up that demand with a typically left-wing fantasy plan that would remove all troops by the following year in September 2008, regardless of developing conditions on the ground. The plan was politely rejected by military experts both inside and out of the Pentagon as being “insufficient.” However, to his credit, the Obama plan did follow the contemporary Democrat Party talking point parameters of how the Iraq war had already been lost.

But on February 27th 2009 in a speech at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and one month into his term as President of the United States, Mr. Obama changed his tune:

“On my first full day in office, I directed my national security team to undertake a comprehensive review of our strategy in Iraq to determine the best way to strengthen that foundation, while strengthening American national security. I have listened to my Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and commanders on the ground. We have acted with careful consideration of events on the ground; with respect for the security agreements between the United States and Iraq; and with a critical recognition that the long-term solution in Iraq must be political – not military. Because the most important decisions that have to be made about Iraq’s future must now be made by Iraqis.”

That “security team” did not have to look very hard for a solution. Right on the President’s desk was a plan for the drawdown of troops in Iraq as crafted by the Bush Administration. It had been kept secret and out of the eyes of the Press to give time and space to the new administration to deal with the war and make its own decisions.  Apparently the Bush administration was concerned about America’s ability to successfully lead and fight a war, not scoring cheap political points.

Mr. Obama typically whines to the still-fawning Press that his administration does not get enough credit for its’ accomplishments.  In this instance Mr. Obama has neglected to give credit for his battle strategy in Iraq: Former President George W. Bush and his administration. Today, Obama would have us believe all is better as a result of his Iraq military plan. Maybe so, too bad he did not think of it.