Richard Blumenthal: Man of a thousand faces

Connecticut’s long-time Attorney General has led an exemplary life in Connecticut for the past 19 years as Attorney General (D).  But Mr. Blumenthal, always on the Democrat Party’s short list for higher office, has decided to run for the soon-to-be vacant U.S. Senate seat currently held by the illustrious Senator Chris Dodd (D). He was initially thought to be a sure bet, virtually unbeatable by any opposition. But then cracks in the carefully crafted and built image of Mr. Blumenthal began to appear.  In May of 2010, Mr. Blumenthal was caught up in a scandal regarding his Vietnam Era service. He had apparently “shaped” his service history to reflect combat duty. The hard truth, according to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, was Dick Blumenthal voluntarily joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Unit in Washington D.C. after five (5) deferments and had never stepped foot in Vietnam. This came as a shock to many voters in Connecticut as Mr. Blumenthal had the reputation of having the highest integrity and a great supporter of veteran’s causes.  Dick Blumenthal was silent initially, but then finally came forward days later, to offer an explanation more than an apology stating he had “misspoke.”

But this is not the first discrepancy that has arisen over Dick Blumenthal’s seemingly stellar past. He has been reported as having been the Harvard Swim Team Captain of 1967. In reality, the real Captain was a man by the name of James Seubold.

Later in June, Assistant Attorney General Richard Hine revealed in a letter made public that he had a private conversation with Blumenthal in the early 1990’s regarding Hine’s own concern’s about being called up for active duty during “Operation Desert Storm.” According to The Day, Hine was “appalled and shocked, because I knew he had not been to Vietnam.” Hine, for his trouble has had his personnel records exposed in the press, presumably to establish his credibility. It has been widely reported that Richard Hine received two disciplinary suspensions in a two year period fifteen years ago. There apparently has been no further disciplinary trouble from Mr. Hine since then. The Press has been notably silent on Mr. Blumenthal with the exception of the Ctwatchdog.com.

On July 22, 2010 the New Haven Register covered a campaign stop by Mr. Blumenthal in East Haven. A direct quote from that article by Dick Blumenthal:

“I stated very clearly that I would take money from political action committees if appropriate,” he said before shaking hands with the seniors while campaigning for the U.S. Senate. “I never pledged not to do so. I said in the past I had not done so, but I never promised or pledged that I would not take PAC contributions.”

That statement was apparently to deflect the latest blow to Mr. Blumenthal’s shining image: That of a tireless and selfless champion of the people. The campaign of his chief rival, Republican Linda McMahon, had released a video on July 20, 2010 clearly showing Mr. Blumenthal in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada at a fund-raiser for Democrat Senate candidates sponsored by the “Committee for a Better Future.”

But a video of a Blumenthal interview from January 7, 2010 on MSNBC gives a different impression to the public. In the video, Dick Blumenthal carefully chooses his words with regard to PAC and special interest money. He does not say he will never take it. He just says that he has never taken it and gives his righteous reasons. This careful parsing of words implies a duplicitous behavior on the part of Mr. Blumenthal, not merely a “slip of the tongue.” We live in a time when the phrase “spin doctor,” is a job description. The American people have been bombarded for years with lies and half-truths made by unscrupulous politicians and their lapdogs in a never-ending quest for power.  Their feeble “ends justify the means” mentality has driven this country into a dark chasm of gigantic proportions.  America can no longer afford dishonest leaders. In this time of great crisis America needs leaders who are not only strong in their convictions but are bold enough to proclaim them honestly to the American Public.  Leaders that speak directly and plainly, who act with decisiveness in accordance with the will of the American People and the Constitution of the United States.  Richard Blumenthal is not that leader.