Divide and Conquer

On Sunday 07/25/2010,  on Fox news there was a interview between Eric Bolling of Fox Business Network and Chris Wallace. The two were discussing who was going to be interviewed today on Wallace’s show, Fox Sunday. Invariably the subject of extending the Bush Tax Cuts came up. The discussion centered on how some Democrats were actually siding with the Republicans on keeping those cuts alive…even for the wealthy.  The current rumor is a two year extension for the wealthy while the cuts become permananent for everyone else. The Democrat’s argument was then framed as those wanting the Bush cuts to expire so as to not add to the deficit.  Former Governor of Vermont and former Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean (D) in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday stated that in a situation of exploding deficits, “everyone is going to have to pay something….we are all in this together.”  

This is a far cry from President Obama’s campaign promises of “no taxes, not one penny if you make under $250,000.” Perhaps this is more evidence of a strategy long employed by Progressive Democrats: Divide and conquer. Divide by playing one economic group against the other. Prey upon the weakness of the electorate and its’ shortcomings by inflaming jealous tensions and envy. The very wealthy are held up as the symbol for everything that is wrong in America and at the core of everyone’s problems.  It does not matter in this hateful context whether or not the so-called wealthy or successful have attained their status through legal or innovative means. It does not matter that one person’s success is evidence that all have the same sort of opportunity. It does not matter how many other people they may employ.  It only matters that they have more than the next person and that so-called excess must be stripped from them. The Financial Crisis of 2008 and the quick pointing of fingers at Wall Street by the Media only reinforce the idea.  “Vote for me and I will make someone else pay,” is the powerful but subliminal Democrat Party message beating in the background of every commercial, speech and interview. 

What is the result of this hateful and negative strategy? The American Electorate gave control of both Houses of Congress and the White House to the Democrat Party. Then President Obama initiates a wild spending spree giving all that is asked to every Democrat special interest group under the sun. It is labeled “stimulus spending.”  The voters are told that all of this deficit spending will “prime the pump” of economic activity and bring prosperity back to America.  More than a year later, there is no appreciable economic activity, at least not the kind that matter to the American people. High unemployment and an exponentially exploding deficit threaten our very security according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, himself an Obama appointee.  Now the Democrat Party leaders are calling in all of the trillions of dollars of debt they have run up on our behalf in the past two years. Gone are the campaign promises of “no taxes, not one penny if you make under $250,000.” Gone is the subliminal message of making someone else pay. It has been replaced with “everyone is going to have to pay something…we are all in this together.”  It’s really terrific how the Democrat Party is now seeking to unite the nation when it comes to giving the government more money to fund its continued over-expansion.