NH Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Havenstein's Tea Bagger Remark

Last Week GraniteGrok.com posted video of NH Establishment GOP candidate and former BAE CEO Walter Havenstein using the teabagger slur against the Tea Party, at a talk he gave in 2010.  The story was originally posted on a local news site, and NHJournal.com, and garnered some national attention.

The Havenstein campaign has since strong-armed WMUR News 9 NH to pull the video from its website.  NH Journal’s copy is also now dead air.  (Someone appears to be claiming a copyright violation, something, something.)   But the video excerpt and the full version are the property of Smith School of Business and made publicly available online.   You can still see them at GraniteGrok.com.

But that’s not why I’m sharing it here.  Last night, GraniteGrok.com co-founder Skip Murphy confronted Republican candidate Walt Havenstein at a local New Hampshire event and asked if he would apologize.  He refused, on video.

Here is the video.