The Zimmerman Trial Was Always About Stand Your Ground

The Obama administration’s mission (from day one) was to use Trayvon Martin’s death the way they tried to use Fast and Furious.   To advance their anti-gun agenda.   So they needed to find someone to charge Zimmerman and bring a case to trial.

They applied “pressure” where needed to make sure a trial happened.  And it did.

But the outcome of the trial, in my opinion, was never particularly relevant to the real goal.

They knew (KNEW) getting Zimmerman convicted was a long shot.   At best his being found not guilty would serve as a call to action which they could use to fuel the real motivation; agitating the base yes, but why?  They wanted protests and riots so it would appear that there was public support for their real objective–gun control.

Zimmerman used “Stand Your Ground” to kill poor little Trayvon Martin, right?  And were it not for his ability to defend himself with a firearm, maybe to even have one, “poor little Trayvon” would probably still be alive.  George Zimmerman might be dead but so what?  If Zimmerman dies this case never sees the national light of day (because it does not serve the narrative).  Maybe Trayvon goes to jail and the rest of America never learns his name.

Speculation.   But then the facts in this case never mattered, didn’t matter, never needed to matter, or they never could or would have brought this to trial.  But it went to trial because they needed that catalyst for their anti-gun agenda.   They needed people wound up.  They needed George Zimmerman to be as white as they could make him, and they had to have him in a court room standing trial.

So why not address Stand Your Ground at trial?

If they pushed the Stand your Ground issue in court, given what little case they actually had, a not-guilty verdict could have made that anti-gun hill even steeper, maybe impossible to climb.  When Zimmerman is found innocent stand your ground might be seen that way as well.  SYG might even get a lift.  So they never brought it up.  They never planned to.  They couldn’t risk it.

But I think it was always about Stand Your Ground.   Zimmerman was just a vehicle for the narrative.   Conviction or not, the anti-gun talking-points would have legs.  It was a “crisis” that would not go to waste.

If they lost the case the misinformation campaign and the racial tension they had sowed would guarantee racially motivated public protest; this equals “the appearance” of public support for the actual agenda.   If they Won–if Zimmerman was found guilty–then they could use that as a catalyst to move against stand your ground post-trail, maybe even in a civil suit, or just in the propaganda and misinformation media.  Obama could use it either way.

And now, after the verdict, Mr. Zimmerman has been found not guilty, after a trial that was not advertised as being about stand your ground, and we have AG Holder doing what?  Talking about Stand your Ground.  And that is exactly where they want to be.


Post edited from the original at Granitegrok.com

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