A Free Market Option For Health Insurance!

New Hampshire has a bill coming up that would create an open market for Health Insurance in the state.  HB 241 is an act that wold allow..

…a willing consumer and willing insurance carrier may contract on mutually agreeable terms for individual or group health insurance which is not subject to regulation by the insurance commissioner, insurance mandates, or administrative consumer protection law. Such transactions shall be subject to criminal fraud prosecution and civil lawsuits, including class action suits.

So any individual, group or businesses in the Granite State would be able to buy insurance from anyone willing to sell it to them, from anywhere, for any amount of coverage, at whatever cost they could both agree upon.

Border-less, free market, health Insurance.  Good for individuals.  Good for business.  Good for job creation.  But not everyone will love it.

Big Insurers like Anthem and Harvard Pilgrim, who I am told control 50% and 30% respectively of all in-State Health Insurance policies in New Hampshire will come out strong against it.  They are not going to want us to take our dollars anywhere else and they certainly do not want to have to change how they do business to keep what they have.

The State Insurance commissioner will be against it.  It bypasses his authority completely.

And the democrats will not care for it either, for all the obvious reasons.  But the Republicans now control super majorities in both the State House and State Senate, and all five seats in the Executive Council which shares power with our lonely Democrat governor. If the Republicans are encouraged to give this a shot we have as good an opportunity as anyone may ever have to make this into chaptered law.

Some additional commentary here