Sean Mahoney's Abortion Contradiction

Ronald Reagan believed in the right to life. NH-01 candidate Sean Mahoney, who makes the claim that he came to the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan (before he and his checkbook flirted with the democrat party) has this to say about life on his campaign site.

Sean Mahoney is pro-life and will work to protect the lives of the unborn when he is in Congress. In addition, Sean Mahoney will work to promote healthy, pro-life option to abortion, like adoption. Sean Mahoney believes every human life is sacred and that the federal government has a responsibility to protect those lives.

This seems like a solid enough statement, and Sean seems proud of this position but that’s all he has to say.  So can he back it up in principle?  Principle,  you may or may not remember was part of what he claims drove him to abandon his GOP committeeman position a few weeks before announcing his run for Senate–no wait, Governor–no that’s not it, I mean congress. So can his pro-life claims be backed up on principle?

The answer can be found in something else Mr. Mahoney is proud of–his association with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF).  The NHFC does some good things, so it is probably something most anyone would be proud to be a part of.  Sean’s got it right there on his web site.

Sean believes strongly in giving back to his community and has served New Hampshire non-profits in a variety of capacities. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Piscataqua Charitable Foundation.

The Piscataqua chapter is the local name for the NHCF on the NH Seacoast and as I said the NHCF does do plenty of good, but like most groups or organizations, (even political organizations) sometimes they, or people in them, do some things that may violate your principles and you have to decide if you need to separate yourself from them, sort of the way Sean claims he had to separate himself from the role of Committeeman in the GOP.

So given that metric, just how hard has citizen Sean Mahoney been working to promote healthy, pro-life options to abortion? In fiscal 2008 the NHCF donated over $44,000.00 to Planned Parenthood of New England, and over $28,000.00 dollars to NARAL.

As of this writing, he’s still on the board of directors and using it for political points.

So can we now have any expectation that he would work to protect the lives of the unborn if elected to congress?

Should he have known that by association he has directly or indirectly sanctioned at least $72,000.00 dollars in donations to the abortion industry and it’s advocates?

Is this kind of money given by the NHCF to NARAL or PP every year. (I have only looked at one year so far)

How important is it to know who your foundation donates too? It is usually critical if you are a donor with principles. Is Mr. Mahoney a donor as well?

And how about as a member of a board of directors for part of that Foundation?  Should he have known given that kind of access that the NHCF supported the abortion industry in contradiction to his pro-life position?

And is Sean Mahoney really Pro-Life, or is this just another one of those flip-flops we are meant to ignore?

It’s in the public record.  It’s on Mr. Mahoney’s campaign site.  The voters deserve to hear an explanation.

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