How Not To File With The FEC

ADR 107

RESPONDENTS: Sean Mahoney for Congress, James McKay, assistant treasurer

SOURCE: FEC Initiated (RAD)

SUBJECT: Failure to accurately disclose loans

NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT: Respondents, in an effort to resolve this matter and avoid similar errors in the future agree to amend reports previously filed with the Commission and to put in place procedures to avoid similar reporting errors and select an appropriate representative of the Committee to attend a FEC sponsored workshop on federal election campaign laws and regulations within 12 months of the effective date of this agreement.


Emphasis mine.  NH-01 Candidate Mahoney was fined $9,000.00 dollars after his 2002 congressional bid for failing to disclose personal loans to his campaign.

Former NH-01 congressman and stealth Mahoney supporter Jeb Bradley has also been fined for improper FEC filings.  I think he paid 6K but I’d have to confirm that.   And I’m also willing to bet either international banker Bob Bestani or former BAE DC Lobbyist Rich Ashooh will have to amend before they close the books on the NH-01 2010 race but will wait until after the primary if they can to avoid the negative press.


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