Taking Back New Hampshire

New Hampshire is turning red again.  If you ask locally, even among some democrats, the Republicans are taking back both houses of the legislature, should keep Judd Gregg’s Senate seat, and will very likely flip both House seats.  The only job they had not seen themselves taking was the Governorship but that may be changing.

In the early days of spring the National Organization for marriage (NOM) spent a little over $200K on a television ad and a web presence (and bumper stickers) based on the idea that ‘Lynch Lied.’  Long story short governor John Lynch had always said civil unions were fine, but marriage was between a man and a women.  That was until the state legislature managed to twist enough no votes into either abstentions or yeses to finally pass a gay marriage bill in the 400 seat state House of representatives.   Lynch singed it, and in so doing flip flopped on a major issue.  NOM’s ad pointed this out, as well Mr. Lynch’s balancing the budget with debt, something the governor called balanced, but with which NOM also took issue in the spot.

John Lynch and Ray Buckley, the openly gay New Hampshire Democrat party (NHDP) chairmen—and all their little helpers—rushed out to cry foul run interference, create distractions, and decry the use of out of state money and influence in local politics.  No meddling, they bayed, this is New Hampshire.  Those of us that follow this kind of thing  laughed knowing full well that under Buckley out of state money in the NHDP had ballooned since 2006—which just happened to be when Tim Gill started his national state by state agenda.

As the whine began to fade I received an email with a link to an article from The Washington Blade, a GLBT newspaper.  In it were details about a secret Gay donor conference in Chicago at which only four democrat governors had been invited.  This was Tim Gill’s Political OutGiving confab, an annual meeting of some 200 wealthy donors, each quietly donating in tandem to advance the gay agenda in whichever states the group thought had the most promise for success.  John Lynch was one of those four governors, and gave a luncheon key note speech at the conference.

On may 28th I penned my first essay exposing both his presence and the obvious contradictions it presented to the whiny rhetoric of just a few weeks earlier, and then proceeded to do some research.  Over the next six weeks I released a number of essays identifying the beginnings of a money trail from several wealthy gay lobby donors into  the state, either directly to the party or through some other entity like Human Rights Campaign NH.  After re posting the original essay with several follow-ups, the issue finally hit the local lefty broadsheets in Concord, Keene and Laconia (all the same article–my take here)  in which the governor was lauded for his having now openly embraced the agenda of gay marriage.

Lynch’s visit is officially out of the closet.

What he did and said there have become an issue as is the matter of special interest out of state money–the latter more so because of all the squealing by the democrats.   Some groups are now filing right to know requests to ply details—and hopefully the actual speech—out of the corner office.  Whatever the outcome, one more of the sacred seals of the Lynch ‘nice guy’ personae has a few more cracks in it.  Given enough attention it could accelerate the declining popularity of the Teflon John and give an opportunity to put one of several decent GOP alternatives in charge of the state.

For those looking for more on this…

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