NH tries to institute 5% income tax

People of NH, in response to the current economic crisis, your state government has decided to give you a 5% cut in pay, effective July of this year.  Have a nice summer.

NH is currently considering HB 583-FN-A-LOCAL, which establishes a 5% income tax to fund education and also strips local control of teachers by making them all state employees.
If those two facts alone are not enough reason to vote against this bill, let’s consider what the bill does not address.

1 – How many additional employees will the state hire to administer this?  Since they claim that all the money is for education, how will these new employees be paid?
2 – How much will the forms costs?
3 – Will there be an efile option?  Who will administer that?  How much will that cost?
4 – How much will it cost to send refunds to taxpayers after they file their returns?
5 – Considering the rural nature of the state, and the lack of any central news service, and the draconian seizure/enforcement methods included in this bill… how will our state government ensure that each and every NH resident is educated about this new program after it is passed, and before it is implemented?  Do they find out when their paycheck is 95% of what it used to be?
6 – Before the state seizes control of the teachers (makes them state employees) from our towns, should the towns be asked how they feel about that?  Do we now in a live in a state where your town government is irrelevant?
7 – Will there be any negative impact on hiring?  I’m assuming the business will be forced to eat the overhead associated with this new bureaucracy.  Do businesses think that their current staff can handle it, or will they need more HR staff, and consequently less production staff?
8 – A provision was included that you could not get a state license or registration if you were not current in your tax payments.   Taxpayers are also required to report changes in income within 6 months of the event, and retain their tax records for 3 years, to be produced upon demand by the tax authority.  (You must have your papers)  If someone is non-compliant in this, guilty of losing papers, will they lose their drivers license?

It’s like I died and woke up in…. Massachusetts.

Steve Smith – Charlestown, NH