#ProtestPP draws Granite State crowds

The nationwide #ProtestPP event  held on August 22 included five scheduled demonstrations in New Hampshire. The largest was in Manchester, where 175 people gathered to call for an end to public funding of Planned Parenthood and an end to PP’s business in abortion and the procurement of fetal body parts.

Just before the protests began, the Center for Medical Progress announced an eighth video documenting abusive practices by PP. Earlier in the week, CMP released an interview with a woman who described participating at PP in the removal of the brain of an aborted human fetus whose heart was still beating.

The August 22 protests in New Hampshire were driven by local news as well as by the national #ProtestPP project. The New Hampshire Executive Council voted August 5 to deny a family planning contract to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. While the denial of the $638,900 two-year contract hardly de-funded the $20,000,000 organization, PPNNE  warned that the vote put health care at risk for 12,000 New Hampshire women. At the #ProtestPP event in Manchester, some of the pro-life demonstrators carried signs challenging that claim and noting that numerous community clinics are available to low-income New Hampshire residents.

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