The Best Super Bowl Ad

Last night, the best Super Bowl ad for impact might have been the Tebow commercial. The Brett Favre 2020 retirement one was good, as well. However, the best ad, pound-for-pound, was the one showing American children pledging allegiance to China over the amount of debt we owe them. (Conversely, the census ad was pretty bad.) It was witty, on point and stylistically completely out of the ordinary in just slamming America with just how much debt we owe. (I regret that I cannot find the ad itself anywhere to post here.)

Fortunately, there is something of a solution to our debt problem- Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Roadmap 2.0. It has gained a lot of respect on all sides of the political spectrum, including but not limited to the Congressional Budget Office, Ezra Klein and Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag, as well as George Will. Klein admits he would rather balance the budget in different ways than Ryan, but gives him great credit for taking a political risk, accomplishing the difficult goals of making Medicare solvent and eliminating the federal debt and being a real Republican leader. Orszag, unfortunately, does his job as an administration shill and compliments the Ryan plan right before disdainfully throwing it under the bus.

Hopefully the Super Bowl ad was a slap in the face to 100,000,000 Americans. If Republicans and conservatives can continue to hype the Ryan plan and make it part of the mainstream political debate and discourse for the foreseeable future, we can turn that slap into a wake-up call to action for our nation’s future. Fiscal and personal discipline, the proper role and size of government, etc. can make a comeback, as long as plans like the Roadmap are at the front and center of national policy debates.